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Please consider these Clip fixes

Discussion in 'MASCHINE Area' started by ManoVarunKumar, Oct 1, 2020.

  1. ManoVarunKumar

    ManoVarunKumar NI Product Owner

    I really appreciate the ability to have Clips available in Maschine, but I there are few things that it is missing, here are some of them.
    1. Ability to remove a clip from song, without deleting the clip (just like how we can remove patterns)
    2. Ability to have the clips fixed without splitting as the scenes being added ( I want to have a workflow of adding a full cue track and add rhythms/music to the cue track)
    3. Ability to morph between clips and patterns when they are overlapped.
    4. Ability to convert a clip to pattern
    Last edited: Oct 1, 2020
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  2. eclipxe

    eclipxe NI Product Owner

    #3 would be huge - an option for "merge or replace" when a clip is over a pattern!
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  3. tempsperdu

    tempsperdu NI Product Owner

    I think we are all hoping that clips will be developed to a much more versatile extent. Here's hoping.
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  4. Mr36

    Mr36 NI Product Owner

    All good, valid suggestions and all have been discussed at various lengths, so hopefully we'll see at least some of the in the not-so-distant future.
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  5. CH7

    CH7 NI Product Owner

    Ditto, import and export clip, so you could build a clip library e.g. Rises etc, and 'copy to clip' e.g. Non destructive
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  6. Howl

    Howl NI Product Owner

  7. Supercreative

    Supercreative NI Product Owner

    Since we have clips now I'm pretty sure there will be more development on this, based on user requirements.

    I tend to use clips only within the song view. I really like the flexibility to move and edit content within the timeline. And I don't want to switch between pattern an clips. Switching between those is confusing me and it distracts me from my creative process.
    IMO, for using clips only some more improvement is needed. ;)

    I was hoping that clips could replace pattern in general as an overall container for all and also within the ideas view. But due to framework limitations clips can only serve as an add on.
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