Please Help! I just have a few questions. (Live WorkFlow MK3+JAM+Abelton)

Discussion in 'General Production Forum' started by Black Luxxury Co., Nov 7, 2020.

  1. Black Luxxury Co.

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    Hello, Im a long time user of Native Instruments (Maschine MK3, Maschine Jam). I have currently been learning Abelton and its capabilities in the aspect of live performance. I initially bought the MK3, also, for its capabilities in live performance. Later, adding the Jam it helped in achieving some of the aspects of a "live performance" that I was looking for.
    Now, with the knowledge that I have acquired, I am thinking of putting together a live rig. The idea that I have in mind for this live rig:

    Software: Abelton live, Maschine2 running as a plugin
    Controller: MK3 + Jam + (?Push2, simply because its easier for me to physically touch something. and that, that something, being whatever controls the software the EASIEST, without having to remember mapping, 'cause no! Lol)

    *of course all of the routing and technical*

    The idea, and where the questions come:
    Can I then, while using Maschine2 as a plugin in Abelton, use Maschine MK3's audio interface?
    And if I can, am I able to then plug the MK3 directly in to a mixer for my live projects sound?
    While using Maschine2 as a plugin in Abelton, am I able to still use the PerformFX?
    As a plugin in Abelton, does the Maschine2 software know to switch Projects(Groups, Scenes, Tempo and Parameters ect) if I use more than 1 Project from Maschine2 to build my set?

    I am sorry if I have wasted anyone's time, or if I've posted wrong. I would call myself Intermediate, and say I dont always know where to go for my questions. If anything, id just like to be pointed in the right direction. I have watched a TON of videos, but no one ever goes into these specifics.

    All Love, Black Luxx
  2. Blindeddie

    Blindeddie NI Product Owner

    Yes. just choose the MK3 Audio device in Ableton

    Yes, if you have the Instance of Maschine active on the MK3.

    Not quite sure what you mean by this, can you clarify a little bit.

    The best way to see if what you want to do will actually work is to try it and if it does not work in context to your live workflow, then post more specific questions.
  3. Black Luxxury Co.

    Black Luxxury Co. New Member

    Blindeddie, THANK YOU so much! I have enough information to start this adventure. I will post when i have more specific questions.

    Thank you again, All love Black Luxx