Please make the loop recorder more scratch friendly!

Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by sndrsklr, May 31, 2013.

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    I haven´t found anything like that in the feature suggestions forum, so i´ll speak my mind in a new thread.

    One thing that really keeps me from using the loop recorder is described by djtwixx in this thread. Short summary: when the "cue" option of the loop recorder is selected to record just one channel, it doesn´t record the crossfader movement.

    I´m a scratch DJ and I´d like to build up a track by scratching and layering samples/instruments one after another but without recording the master signal again and again... So at the moment it seems like the loop recorder makes it impossible to realize this. I could do it by running Ableton in the background but that´s just too much to keep an eye on because of tempo synchronisation and possible bugs and settings. I would really like the ability to do this in just one application.

    And if we start fantazising, how about this: being able to record such a layer straight into a slot of a remix deck? So you could trigger and/or mute several loops.

    Besides that it would be very good to have a (adjustable) "count in" for the loop recorder. Pressing the record button and immediately start scratching at the same time isn´t really realistic :)
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    It seems perfectly logical to me that, this way, no crossfader movements are recorded.

    I don't have traktor in front of me aorn, but can't you just set the loop recorder to record the master?
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    This way the crossfader movement gets recorded, but also everything else what I don´t want to be recorded (again). When you combine it with some loops from a sample deck they get recorded as well and when you want to add different layers with the loop recorder, everything gets re-recorded several times. Not really handy if you ask me...

    Maybe it´s too difficult to put it into words what I´d like to do, so here´s a video example. After all these years this video is still one of the best to show what turntable/scratching based music combined with a loopstation can be about.


    (the drums are prerecorded, everything else is looped live).

    And I´d really like to do all that within Traktor without any other programms in the background. It´s not much that´s missing.
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