Please recognize VST pitch commands

Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by SteveInChicago, Jun 2, 2013.

  1. SteveInChicago

    SteveInChicago New Member

    VST hosts (Cubase, in my case) can send commands to alter pitch for Hermode tuning, and for other microtonal adjustments.

    This is part of VST 2.4. At this time, when Cubase sends a command for this Kontakt 5 plays back silence.

    Please implement the use of these commands in the VST versions of Kontakt.
  2. David Das

    David Das Moderator Moderator

    Point taken, although I would point out that since only VST 2.4 supports this and (as far as I know) AU, RTAS, and AAX doesn't, NI is unlikely to implement such a niche feature to please only one segment of their user base. They have been pretty adamant about keeping all flavors of Kontakt at parity.

    (I'm not speaking for NI so have no idea whether they'd consider this; I'm just giving you my own perspective.)