! Please update the NI plugins for retina displays support !

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    MATAKAO NI Product Owner

    All in the title.. it's a message in a bottle. Why the N.I site is ok for retina display, and not the N.I plugins and software that we used: Reaktor 6, Kontakt, Absynth, Massive, Traktor, etc, etc... ? Please come on these plugins on a good and recent computer seems to be from an another old time and so cheesy, with big blurry pixels, I know it's just cosmetics but the others like Ableton or Bigwig, are make already the works...
    It will be a good message for users of N.I, and for the future products.
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  2. LBH

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    Every Ensemble in Reaktor, and every Instrument in Kontakt that uses pixel based images need to be fixed then. Also third party stuff.
    You can't just resize a pixel based image to be bigger than it's original size without it's getting fuzzy.
    Retina screens are only standard on MAC. To make graphic work on all screen sizes and resolutions it needs to be fully scaleable. That the old pixel based images can't be. Every image has to be redone.
    Old table based applications also need to be redone to control the GUI.

    FM8, Absynth and Massive should be easier to make fully scaleable i believe.

    I too would like things to work at a reasonable size at least on a full hd scale. But some users still only have up to 1280 pixels resolution screens.
    I would prefere full scaleable GUI's.

    You could switch down you screen resolution. Then your GUI's will be bigger. There are things i assume you will not see fully scaleable for a long time. We can hope for quick solutions though.

    BTW. Making new things that's works on a single web-site is easier than for instance changing all the stuff you can get for Reaktor and Kontakt, where it's not only about NI either.

    Just my thoughts. Perhaps new ways to do this that i don't know about has been evolved. But if so, then i wonder why so many software developers still are'nt having only fully scaleable applications.
    I do think they have been too slow. Scaleable graphics have been around for decades. Also working in interactive applications. It's just like the multicore support developement for the applications, that in my view is much more vital than retina resolution for music production.

    MATAKAO NI Product Owner

    Sure.. I prefer too that a compagnie focus on multi-core performance that retina display support... But the problem is that a big compagny like N.I is too slow compare to the others (bitwig for exemple) for the process to this retina graphics problems: I can't understand that ! A new major update like Reaktor 6 or Battery 4 is not retina display: why ??. Apple made the same error with the first version of Alchemy in Logic pro X, and was fixed in the last update... and ironically, Apple impose this dispaly format on their new computers, phone and pad. This problem seems stupid when you use a computer with led screen, but you'll buy a new one with retina (like I've done), bing, aaargh what's t*F ! maybe N.I should or can think to this "future" technology turn, and not living ever in a past.
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    I also hope that some day NI will update Kontakt for being at least compatible with HiDPI displays under Windows. When using it under Windows in a host that supports DPI scaling (e.g. StudioOne3), the Kontakt VST plugin is not scaled at all which makes it impossible to use with HiDPI screen. (In standalone mode the plug in is at least upscaled by windows which makes it at least usable, however it looks bad due to pixel duplication...).
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    Ok im late to this conversion. Are we saying here that there are outstanding compatibility issues with Apple's retina display that make it difficult to use?

    I'm curious because my sights are set on a macbook air or pro with retina.

    Has there been any attempt to resolve this, or has there been any public announcement from NI about this?
  6. Kwad

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    How to open a feature request about that?
  7. rrichard63

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    I don't think there's any point to making a feature request. This issue is old enough and important enough that if NI were going to do anything about it, they would have announced something by now.
  8. D-One

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    Actually thats true for scaling up but when scaling down its not as much as an issue.

    Exactly, that would have been the smart move from the start. NI will eventually have to use fully scalable stuff. Or have different pixel based resolutions within, that increases the file size but not enough for it to be a problem.

    Also a lot of people talking like Apple is using some sort of unique thing with retina and somehow going against the market, the future is high res displays and there is no way around it.... retina is not that different from 4k, if it looks like crap on a Retina Mac it also looks like crap on 4K Windows.
  9. Aymara

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    Yes and no ... the Microsoft Surface displays use the same concept, though the default resolution is different.

    So, yes, a further vote for Retina support here!
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  10. LBH

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    Please look at the date for the posts you quote.

    Now 1½ year after my last post in this thread, then high resolution screens are more common. Never the less high resolution screens are still not standard. There are lots of screens that have much less resolution. I think most none MAC screens are 1920x1080 pixels resulution, and still there are screens using lower resolution.

    But still i prefere fully scaleble GUIs (like i wrote) - where it's possible.

    BTW: Do NI and third party developers have large pixel based images availble allready?
    Perhaps new applications need to be developed to make them scaleable?
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    MATAKAO NI Product Owner

    Any official news about retina displays ready for N.I plugins ? Replika serie semmes the one... Hope that N.I will be make this faster. Come on !!