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Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by Wilmar Boer, Jan 22, 2020.

  1. Wilmar Boer

    Wilmar Boer NI Product Owner

    When editing a plugin the right screen show's the plugin name in big bold characters. I rather would see that the analogy of using the left screen for the general overview en the right screen for the details (like in event edit for example) is used here too. Using the left screen for selecting the plugin is OK. But I would like to see a a big detailed view of the selected plugin in the right screen. Being able to see EQ curve or Compressor levels is way more informative than a bold pluginname. You could use more ore less the same graphics for the plugins as the plugin details in the computer software mix view. It would be amazing if in a more developed version of this idea it becomes a standard NKS implementation. So that 3th party plugins also show their detailed view on the right screen when that plugin is selected.
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  2. HammyHavoc

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    This would be excellent.
  3. Psyearth5

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    52 would be on Maschine 3 for now I don't think so but costume chords would make everyone of us happy