Plugins not appearing in Ableton's Plugin List...?

Discussion in 'STUDIO FX' started by Rok Sivante, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. Rok Sivante

    Rok Sivante NI Product Owner

    recently installed Komplete Ultimate 11, and finding that not all the plugins are visible in Ableton's plugin list. (the one I was looking for specifically: Reflektor, though not the only.)

    they DO show up in the Maschine browser, however.

    are not all the plugins able to be used as standalone?

    while some are to be accessed through Kontakt or Guitar Rig, you'd expect something like Reflektor, at the least, to be used as standalone in another DAW.

    is there something I may have missed or need to tweak to get this working?
  2. solger

    solger NI Product Owner

    No. In general, some instruments, effects, etc. require a specific host (like Kontakt, Guitar Rig or Reaktor).

    In this case, Reflektor is a Guitar Rig effect and therefore accessible through Guitar Rig.
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