Poll: Your favorite grand piano

Discussion in 'AKOUSTIK PIANO' started by Markus @ NI, Aug 8, 2006.


Which one is your favorite AP grand piano?

  1. Bechstein

    21 vote(s)
  2. Boesendorfer

    25 vote(s)
  3. Concert Grand

    53 vote(s)
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  1. sleen

    sleen NI Product Owner


    Hmmmm....I could have swore there was an upright piano called a Steingraeber that came in AP. I would have voted for this one, but its not possible :(
  2. Klemperer

    Klemperer NI Product Owner

    You're right about the vote, sleen. Maybe they just wanted to compare the "big well known grand pianos", and the superb Steingraeber didn't compare that well to the "Flügel". I really like the Steingraeber too, very much so, and am rather curious what the Fandrich and Sons upright would sound like, which Matthew Treder mentioned in this thread 2 years ago.

    Another piano I really love, a superb sounding one really, is the "Braunschweig upright" by imperfectsamples.com, which is made for Kontakt2 or Kontakt3. It is the piano I love the most and play the most these days, such a great sound....

    I see those superb creations as a nice addition to Akoustik Piano.

    The Artvista grand from Hans Adamson (which comes with the NI Kontakt player) is another superb grand.
    We are really lucky people today, with those possibilities. Now if my fingers were just a *tad* faster, he he ;-)))
  3. boggieman

    boggieman New Member

    The Concert Grand.
  4. Klinke

    Klinke Account Suspended

    Concert Grand. Its wonderful.

    Actually..its impossible for me to be unhappy since i got it. (sounds sad..but im happy...so i dont care)
    I dreamed for many years to be able to play some kind of Concert Grand at home. Its the definition of beautiful.
    Now i can play as long i want, when ever i want... the sound has high quality.

    Depends also on the used keys, but it feels and sounds close to real... mechanics/wood and swinging strings=fat alive sound.
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