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Popping sound traktor 2.5

Discussion in 'TRAKTOR PRO / TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO' started by djevil, Jun 27, 2012.

  1. djevil

    djevil New Member

    Hi guys,

    Long time lurker on these forums, I have finally purchased a piece of NI midi hardware, the F1. I was previously using Traktor LE that came prebundled with my VCI-100 and a audio 2 DJ.

    I have seen plenty of posts about latency issues with the new version of software which is not ok but I'm sure will be addressed by a patch shortly.

    However I do want to ask if anyone has any suggestions for my issue, the main reason I ask is that even downgrading back to LE or my friends copy of 2.1 which came with his S2 I have the popping sounds. Previously on LE I had no problems with latency or certainly not as noticeable as now. I have gone through the full traktor optimization guide and killed plenty of services etc that I had running.

    My laptop is a MSI 660R, i5-460 2.53ghz processor, 8gb of DDR3, OCZ 240gb SSD boot drive and 500gb hitachi SATA for music storage. I am using the audio 2 DJ with version 3 software, I have tried downgrading this also to see if it made a difference which unfortunately it did not.

    I have seen a lot of posts in relation to keylock also, I have tried eco and high quality and I have tried completely disabling yet I still have the issue. Both DPC and Latency mon record my latency at sub 500ms, average of 180ms.

    I am very close now to formatting my laptop as I have a gig coming up but I'd rather not obviously, any suggestions would be much appreciated! :)
  2. mrkleen2010

    mrkleen2010 Forum Member

    Yes, I too have experienced some "pops" in my sound after upgrading to 2.5. But they are very few and far between...and aren't really noticeable in the mix IMO.

    It is not a latency or CPU load issue with me - as my meter is never over 20%. Never had this issue with 2.1.3

    I hope NI works this out soon...but it is far from a deal breaker to me, 2.5 is nearly faultless otherwise.
  3. thebasementwonder

    thebasementwonder Forum Member

    i heard by making the sample rate 88k or 92k and keepin the latency at 512 stops the popping sound. Its jus a temp fix so i say give it a try see what happens
  4. Bam No.1

    Bam No.1 New Member

    I put the sample rate to 88k the latency to 512 but also the key lock quality to eco and the mode to normal. It sounds better and I had no pops until now.
  5. ksandvik

    ksandvik NI Product Owner

    Supposedly the key lock key causes huge CPU spikes causing all kinds of problems, sync, audio quality, turn it on-off-on and see what happens. Or just use 2.1.3 and wait for a 2.5.1 fix.
  6. davidbroaders

    davidbroaders NI Product Owner

    I had the same problem with version 2.5.0 so i went back to version 2.1.3 and the pops are gone. Was very noticeable in the mix in my case.
  7. Bam No.1

    Bam No.1 New Member

    I've never downgraded, so... is there anything special to pay attention before downgrading?
  8. Zone

    Zone New Member

    Same here, I have to keep the buffers much higher to avoid pops in 2.5, 2.1.2 works great.
  9. ksandvik

    ksandvik NI Product Owner

    When you launch the earlier version it will update back various files in known locations, so the whole downgrade is very painless. I'm back to 2.1.3 and when 2.5.1 is ready I will re-test again.
  10. DJ Freshfluke

    DJ Freshfluke Traktor Mod Moderator

    actually, there is no downgrading - traktor installs side by side, so you can choose from session to session what version you want to use (check your backup folder in the NI program folder).
  11. Bam No.1

    Bam No.1 New Member

    k, thx! let's go!
  12. zephry

    zephry NI Product Owner

    For me keylock strain is very bad using the remix decks. If any slot has keylock on the cpu eventually goes up and causes major issues. So I dont use keylock on the sample slots at all. I only get pops if I leave wifi and or virus protection or updates on. Other than that 2.5 works fine for me.

    Also I noticed the cpu indicator is very accurate for me. Many say that os not relevant but for me it is spot on. That thing goes red I I will get pops. Changing to different usb ports also helps. I have the f1 and switched to a different port and the cpu strain when down.
    For samples it is not too hard to chang the bpm by just changing the overall bpm on the remix pack itself. Or making samples from the loop recorder. So they still sound fine without keylock.

    And of course hiquality keylock is just a no go for me at all.
  13. DJ Freshfluke

    DJ Freshfluke Traktor Mod Moderator

    these two things are notorious for causing audio issues (popping and other unwanted things). using a realtime audio application, you should always turn'em off.

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