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Pops and Clicks!

Discussion in 'Technical Issues' started by Scorpio1000, Mar 19, 2008.

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  1. nikflewlow

    nikflewlow Forum Member

    I just bought a 3rd GB of RAM for my macbook.
    Now the specs are:

    2,4 Ghz Core2Duo
    3GB RAM
    TS 1.2, A8DJ 2.2.14

    The next thing I thought about was:"Hmm, lets try to max out TS"
    So I set the A8 to 96000 Hz with 2.5 ms Latency, and Key Correction turned on.
    I switched on the "Activity Monitor" to see whats goin on...it was about 50% CPU Usage, and ~2 of 3 GB RAM was used.
    Still, there were clicks and pops all over it. Even when I turned off the Key Correction.
    How can this be?
  2. DJ Freshfluke

    DJ Freshfluke Traktor Mod Moderator

    please report this to the support!

    also, check if disabling airport and bluetooth change a thing.
  3. marqueemarc

    marqueemarc NI Product Owner

    I am getting quite sure it's the key correction that is causing these dropouts. I have mine set at 'PSOLA', but even then my 2.33Ghz Macbook Pro seems to be too slow for Native Instruments.

    Get this sorted out, dudes ! I'm a harmonic dj, I need key correction !

    Oh and by the way. I get a headache from this psola key correction. It really is no use. But I don't dare using 'phase vocoder' at all..
  4. DJ Freshfluke

    DJ Freshfluke Traktor Mod Moderator

    psola is the algorithm that definitely giving the most issues.
    try phase vocoder or non adaptive.
  5. johnnyoso

    johnnyoso Forum Member

    so at the moment the key correction function is not usefull at all in my opinion.

    phase vocoder gives such a huge cpu load that you are a waiting for the computer to give dropouts. so that is something i would not try at a gig or even at home since that is why i stopped using vinyl in the first place. no more worn out records or needle skips etc.

    and psola and non adaptive give such shitty sound quality that i wouldnt even want to go to that...

    how come that the CDJ`s do use the key correction without problems. i dont think that there is a big processor in them....

    by the way, my pops and clicks that i had in my previous post after the 1.2 upgrade are gone now. first two or three hours after the update i had a lot of glitches but now everything works like never before. and i did nothing to change settings etc....
  6. Talrinys

    Talrinys NI Product Owner

    Any updates on getting a patch out for this?
    It's extremely annoying?
    How do i rollback to 1.1 if that'll be my solution, for now i've deactivated key lock and at least switched to non adaptive if i have to use it, but i just tried installing 1.1 and 1.2 is still there, do i have to uninstall it?
  7. koukops

    koukops NI Product Owner

    I want to make a comment about the 96k rate. There is no sence in using it since all(most) of your mp3s are at 44.1k. So why do you put bigger load for the soundcard when there is no need for it? try putting it at 44.1k. It solved a lot of pops and clicks for me, but not all:( (key lock or not)
  8. geometron

    geometron New Member

    i just went digital a few weeks ago and have been experiencing this pops and clicks issue (with the occasional dropout). it took me a while to go over all the settings and feel comfortable with the system... but nothing i did seemed to fix the problem completely.

    i finally solved the issue using the advice on this forum: INCREASE LATENCY. in my case, 10 ms mostly fixed it, and 20 ms definitely fixed it (maybe a bit overdoing it... i'll try to find the sweet spot later).

    FYI, things that didn't have any noticable effect: reverting to TS 1.1.1; changing the sample rate (btw, i agree with koukops about 44.1); changing the time stretch type. no matter what i changed, the cpu meter always hovered around 40-60%.

    FYI, i loaded TS on the macbook i use at the office (core2 duo 2ghz/2gb ram) and it handled 4ms latency with no problem, no matter what the other settings were at. looks like i'm headed for a laptop upgrade soon...
  9. nikflewlow

    nikflewlow Forum Member

    Its been a while since I posted in this thread, but my problem still persists...

    my config is:

    macbook c2d 2,4 ghz
    3gb ram
    lots of hd space left
    5ms @ 48.000 hz
    mac os x 10.5.3

    everything is working fine (without key-correction turned on), but sometimes there are short glitches (the problems are rare, but they are definetely there!). One time the running track started stuttering (like a 1/4 loop was activated...which wasnt the case) for about 3 seconds, then the music stopped completely. after 2 seconds, everything was just fine...and i could continue mixing...very strange.
    and i STILL cannot turn on the key correction without having many glitches and stutters. cpu load is fine though (about 40-50%)
    this is very annoying.
    any updates on this one?
    would be glad :)
  10. TeLLy

    TeLLy NI Product Owner Extraordinaire

    Have you got Airport and Dashboard turned off? My specs are about the same as yours (more RAM though) and no problems, freezes, clicks, or pops at 4.5ms, 44.1khz.
  11. Myzrael

    Myzrael Forum Member

    I run at 7ms and 96000khz with Phasevocoder on a MacBook with 2,4GHZ and 2GB ram and it works just fine. No dropouts at all.......I do have to make sure I disable wireless though and any background tasks such as time-machine.
    By the way, that 7ms.......is that input latency / output latency or both?
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