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possible to record cc-data from an external controller in maschine 2.0?

Discussion in 'MASCHINE Area' started by maltepost, Oct 2, 2013.

  1. maltepost

    maltepost New Member

    will it be possible to record cc-data from an external controller/keyboard in the machine 2.0-software? and is it possible to automap external-controllers as if you are using the maschine knobs (while using mikro+controller-keyboard)?
  2. Jakegoodwin586

    Jakegoodwin586 New Member

    Found this on native site suggesting it sends cc

    MASCHINE STUDIO’s advanced MIDI CC functionality lets you easily assign any instrument or effect parameter to any external control surface or your host’s automation control. Create detailed automation lines in your host and MASCHINE will stay tightly locked to every tweak, pan, and fader ride.
  3. maltepost

    maltepost New Member


    thank you for your reply!

    Assigning maschine instruments etc. to my external controllers was not a problem in maschine 1.8. But the big question is: Is it possible to record the external-controller movement in the maschine-software?
  4. Bonus Beats

    Bonus Beats NI Product Owner

    I was trying to assign an F1 to maschine software because I like the F1's faders for filter movement…

    I am wondering if I could assign that fader to maschine macro?

    Then when its ready for abelton it will be all set for automation recording in audio (tracking out)

    Can Maschine midi learn from an F1?

    I thought it wasn't possible.
  5. Salem Beats

    Salem Beats Forum Member

    I believe I read somewhere from one of the beta testers that you can.

    I don't recall where I would've read this, though.

    Salem Beats
  6. skizm

    skizm Forum Member

    Yup. b-righteous already spilled the beans on that here. Maschine 2.0 sends and receives and records MIDI CCs into its sequencer.

    "Maschine 2.0 now has a port selector for midi out so you can send out of different ports independently. For external gear, the midi is handled the same way mod wheel is handled in 1.8 only you can now modulate with most all other midi CC's. The way it works is it will pass midi CC modulation from a midi controller on any midi input and pass it to the midi out or even a plug-in depending on how you set up the midi routing. Maschines sequencer will also record this incoming CC data when record is engaged and play it back to midi out. Again this is just how mod wheel is handled in 1.8 only you get control over midi out port destination and support for a full list of midi modulators and not just mod wheel."
  7. Rutherford

    Rutherford New Member

    Can anyone please go through the routing options. I can map parameters to an external controller fine but cannot record the automation of this mapping. I can also record the unmapped (ie not linked to parameters within maschine) CC automations from an external controller. I'm sure im going about this the wrong way.
    If someone could tell me the steps they took to achieve this result i would be greatly appreciative.
  8. b-righteous

    b-righteous Moderator Moderator

    You already have it correct. You can't record CC's that are mapped to Maschines knobs to Maschines sequencer. The mapping of an external CC to maschines knobs is strictly for controlling Maschine's knobs live or with an external sequencer like your DAW or MPC etc. In this case you would record the CC data to the the external sequencer. Maschine will record external cc data so long as those CC's are not mapped to Maschines own knobs.

    Basically you are doing one or the other. Either you want to record external CC from your midi controller to Maschine, or you want to control Maschines knobs with your DAW where you would record that there. In the later case you are just using Maschine as a sound module bypassing Maschines sequencer or just using an external controller to tweak Maschine live.