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    Last chance to try and find out whats wrong with this Kore Controller before i decide it was an expensive bug ridden mistake and take pleasure in throwing it away.

    I have a Kore 1 Controller with Kore 2/Komplete 4 and Audio Kontrol 1 on my Intel 2,4ghz 4gb macbook running Snow Leopard.

    When i plug the kore controller in to my macbook, the controller screen will only show "press view for midi mode" and when i press "view" it jumps straight into midi templates and no matter what i press or do it will not do anything in Kore - why does it do this?. It started to do this for no reason over 2 years ago and i finally lost patience with it and stuck it in the back of the cupboard, i rediscovered it a few days ago and decided to try once more to get this problem sorted.

    It used to plug in and immediately work with Kore but for some reason i cannot get it to do anything.

    A couple of my friends had the same controller and they eventually gave up on it due to the many faults - is it worth taking NI up on the cheap offer update to Maschine?, or is this bug ridden as well?.


    PS : edited info added below

    I posted up about this problem last year and EW replied with the following advice,

    "It is working normally. The screen you're talking about gives you the options available in MIDI mode- use the cursor to get to page and hit the control button. To escape it all, hit the view button, followed by control and enter.

    As far as working with Kore itself goes, just start up Kore; it will automatically switch over."

    I tried the above advice posted by EW (cheers for trying to help btw - appreciated at the time but i lost interest in trying to get the bloody thing to work)........

    I can use the curser to get to page and when i press control the screen jumps to "CTL>Global" with a choice of glide/analog/tune/pchange/pbend parameters and if i press the down curser it changes to CTL>Oscillator A & B with the various parameters and so on. I tried your tip of pressing view followed by control then enter. I can press view then control at which point it jumps back to the Kore screen with "press view for midi mode" and if i press enter it does nothing at all, i've every possible combination of buttons but it makes no difference and as far as working with kore as per your tip above it most definitely does not automatically switch over.

    Anyone got any ideas?, for the very brief time when it did work i thought it was great but to be honest for what i paid for it i'm pretty annoyed to say the least, guess i should've listened to my mates.
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    Reinstall driver

    If I Understand your problem well, than your Kore Controller doesn't respond on the startup of the Kore software, because the message "Press F1 for midi mode" is normally only shown when Kore software is not started.

    This option to switch to midi mode turns the Kore controller into a regular midi controller. This was a new option in one of the updates for Kore 2. If I understand you well, than you have a Kore 1. I am not sure if this is supposed to work with Kore 1 as well.

    Anyway, what you can try is to install a previous driver version for Kore. You can download these from the support website from NI, for instance version 2.0.4.
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    Cheers for replying, i'll try this now, although i don't remember any update causing this problem.
    I've just had a look at my NI service center, i am on version 2.0.4. , i haven't updated drivers or changed anything to make the controller not work.

    Oh well.....throw it back in the cupboard where it belongs i guess.
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    Was wondering if you were ever able to fix this Kore issue
    I have the exact same problem, and it's very annoying

    Like you, my Kore became a paper weight about a year ago, when it stopped turning on with the software

    Its one thing to discontinue it, but I don't see why it should stop launching with its "dedicated" software!
    It became a bad generic midi controller

    Please NI, how do we get them to wake up from the "press view"mode when we start the kore software?
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    Nope, no further forward to fixing the issue and i've tried every possible solution, even sending it to a friend who's a well known/respected producer who uses kore and other NI products on a daily basis so he knows about the many problems and he had no idea what is wrong with it.

    To be honest it has sat in the cupboard for over a year and i've lost interest in it, i was tempted to buy the mini maschine but my experience of NI hardware and software has put me right off any further purchases.

    It's a crying shame as when it did work i loved it and used it all the time but now every time i open the cupboard it just pisses me off that it is useless......gonna throw it out or perhaps stick it on ebay with the problem listed in the description.