Primary Knob module with advanced functionality

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    Instead of having to build a Knob structures from a hundreds of elements or copy/pasting them from somewhere I'd prefer to have a new advanced primary Knob module with an input and display for modulations, control for the amount of modulation, maybe even internal data conversion - representation, font management, event rate output and smoothing settings. Like the Block Knobs macro but in form of a Primary module.

    Ok, I understand the flexibility of the current ways of having Knobs for factory builds, ok, then maybe some well organized Knob entries in the Library submenu?

    Default primary Knobs looks extremely ugly compared to the custom built ones, I'd like it to be corrected.

    What about just some knob pictures files collection for use with Knob modules? I know that I can grab and collect and organize them by myself, sure I can do everything, but actually I can't do everything D
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