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Problem with Kore 2 controler and Windows 7 64 bit

Discussion in 'Product Installation and Activation (Archive)' started by dinaiz, Aug 2, 2009.

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  1. dinaiz

    dinaiz Forum Member

    Hi all !

    Everything is in the title ...

    Did anybody manage to install the drivers and use the kore 2 controler on windows 7 64bit RC ?

    I tried it and I had no error during the driver installation but then, Win seven's device manager tells me that no driver ha been installed for Kore 2 controler.

    Could anyone help me please ?
  2. dinaiz

    dinaiz Forum Member

    OK I found the solution !

    If someone runs into the same problem, here's how I managed to solve it.
    After installing the latest driver (2.0.10), in the device manager, just clic on the unrecognized Kore 2 device, then click on "Update driver" then "Manually select a driver...". Then go to C:\programs\Native Instruments\Kore2 Controller Driver and click ok. windows should find a driver and your kore 2 controler should work. No idea why this extra step is necessary though ...
  3. ilmeri

    ilmeri New Member

    working here too

    Thanks, i had the same issue and can confirm that this solution worked for me.
    It took ages first when installing the USB drivers, but the device didin't light
    up. But after updating the drivers like described above, it started working.

    Thanks again,

    - ilmeri
  4. dinaiz

    dinaiz Forum Member

    I'm glad it could help someone else ! Have fun :D
  5. nutrapuppy

    nutrapuppy NI Product Owner

    64 bit Win7 Kore 1 controller driver install failure?

    I have this problem but the driver install does NOT work, it gives an error message and exits. I have the Kore 1 controller but use Kore 2 software. Is there a special installer for 64 bit that I have not located?

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