problems with cue knob (mixtrack pro)

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    dear community,

    im new and have an issue with my mixtrack pro.
    for now im hearing deck1 thorugh my boxes and my headphones. pressing the cue knob does not effect that i only hear it on my headphones.
    my outputrouting is:
    Output Monitor: Mixtrack Pro 3 / 4
    Output Master: Mixtrack Pro 1 /2

    im on internal. installed the ASIO driver. using win 7.
    i always have sound on headphones and boxes. by turning the "cue mix" knob to the left (cue) i can force that there is just sound on the boxes.
    but i never can force that there is only sound on the headphone when clicking cue.

    can you help me?
    i added two screenshots, maybe they can help.

    thanks and kinds in advance :)

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    found out something new.
    if i put down B gain for example, i hear nothing on the boxes and headphones. if i push cue now, im hearing sound on the headphones and not on the boxes (good so far).
    but if i then trigger the Bgain again, there comes sound from the boxes ALTHOUGH the cue knob is on.
    this cant be correct, right?