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  1. Mr. MIDI

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    Hi, I am brand new to Native Instruments products, and I'm trying to wrap my head around all the various confusingly-named products: Kontact, Komplete, Komplete Kontrol, and so many others are just making my head spin! Is there somewhere on the website (or elsewhere) that compares each of these options and explains, in beginners' terms, the purpose of each one? I could really use a "Native Instruments Products for Dummies" book. I just ordered my Komplete Kontrol s61 MKII keyboard and expect to have it in the next two days, so hopefully setting that up will give me the intro I need. If not, any tips or pointers would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

  2. Goon

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    1. Komplete Kontrol is the control software for the S1 mk2 - this controls the settings & setup also includes a browser to browse the many instruments/vst that NI sells also a lot of 3rd party VSTs too.
    2. Kontakt is an NI instrument/vst that allows playing of sample library's - for example Session Guitarist - these presets can be browsed/previewed within Kompete Kontrol
    3. Komplete (there are several versions) is basically a collection of certain NI Instrument/FX Vsts.
    For example Komplete Select is the intro version, includes Kontakt player ( a stripped down version of Kontakt), Massive, Monark etc amongst others.
  3. Mr. MIDI

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    Thank you, this is helpful, and as I said, I think it will become more clear once I install and begin working with it. What about Reaktor vs. Kontakt? They seem like they're both VST instruments, but if so, what's the difference? Perhaps Reaktor is more of a synth instrument, and Kontact is more of a sample player? Looking forward to getting my keyboard so I can start sorting this out. Thanks again!
  4. Blindeddie

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    Kontakt is a Sample Based Instrument player, and Reaktor is a Modular Synthesizer.


  5. SSquared

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    It was a bit confusing at first. There is both an app AND keyboard named Komplete Kontrol. Then the Komplete software bundles which differ based on the number of prepackaged Instruments/Effects are included. If you go here: there are links for the different flavors of Komplete (Start, Select, Komplete, Ultimate and Ultimate Collector's Edition).

    Enjoy your new keyboard. I've had the KK S61 MK2 for almost two years and has really worked quite well for my needs.
  6. Mr. MIDI

    Mr. MIDI NI Product Owner

    Thank you all for your replies. It's starting to make sense, and the keyboard comes tomorrow. Looking forward to digging in!