Pulled the trigger on Komplete 12 Ultimate C.E.

Discussion in 'MASCHINE Area' started by Bikovr, Mar 6, 2019.

  1. Bikovr

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    Hello there, as per subject, I pulled the trigger on Komplete 12 Ultimate Collector's Edition.
    Now on my SSD ( 250 GB free ) I already have the Komplete 12 Select/Kontrol suite already installed, software that came with Maschine, working pretty well with Maschine MK3.

    I see two hot spot here :

    1) to have everything available on the Maschine, should I uninstall the already installed software and then install Komplete 12 UCE, or what ?

    2) Komplete 12 UCE is about 900 GB, which I don't have available on my SSD. If I install it on a different HD ( I think it is possible, right ?), can it coexist with the actual Komplete Select 12 installed on the SSD or again, do you suggest to uninstall it as per question n. 1.

    Generally speaking, if :
    - C: is an SSD with 250 GB free and Komplete 12 Select + Kontrol etc etc.
    - F: is a HDD with good performances and plenty of space

    What would you do ? ( uninstall/install etc..)

    Thank you !!
  2. timbonaut

    timbonaut NI Product Owner

    Cheers, and congrats, lol.

    You will have to download Native Access, a software which holds all your NI products and from where you can download and update all of them.
    You don't need to uninstall anything, just open Native Access and put in your account information (e-mail and password) and it will show you all your products, also the ones you already have installed etc. just download whatever you need.

    At preferences, you can choose the file paths, just choose your external hd for all the content for example. It will download and install to the external drive then automatically. I do it this way as well.
  3. Deafkon

    Deafkon NI Product Owner

    I think K12CE supersedes everything and does not cause duplicates. I can't see uninstalling Komplete Select, as I did not have to uninstall Komplete 11 before upgrading.

    Congrats by the way. I just bought it two weeks ago and it is simply amazing- hugely inspiring. I will have to share a track I'm working on.

    As for download speeds, I believe I was able to get everything downloaded in under a couple of hours. Seemed pretty fast for me. I did not need all 101 instruments and 50 packs available at once, so I just used what was installed as they became available.
  4. Bikovr

    Bikovr New Member

    Timbonaut & Deafkon, thank you for your quick reply.
    I had the chance to buy it second-hand @40% less, so here am I. Being also a guitarist, I'll probably enjoy Guitar Rig as well.

    Anyway, I understand that during installation ( from the NI HDD that comes in the box ) I'll be allowed to choose the installation path through Native access, but as you already know, with Maschine you already have sized-down version of part of Komplete ( Massive, Kontakt, Reaktor, Monark, to name a few ) and they are already installed on the SSD, in my case.
    If I choose to Install all Komplete 12 UCE, say on Disk f:, I will probably have duplicate product, e.g.: Monark ( select ) on SSD and Monark ( full ) on disk f:.....I don't think it is wise...that's why I was thinking about uninstall Komplete select before proceeding...

    While we're here, I have another question : say, the NI HDD that come in the box stop working after 2 months....being under warranty they should replace it, right ?
    What if the HDD stop working after say 3 years....will it be possible to download Komplete from the NI site ?

    Again thanks...
  5. Deafkon

    Deafkon NI Product Owner

    Again, I am not an expert of course but from my experience Native Access takes care of installation between versions fairly seamlessly- with no uninstallation required on your part before installing to avoid duplicates. I installed CE on top of Maschine And Komplete 11 with no duplicates of instruments or presets.

    I think you are safe. Not to mention the Maschine library is a totally different beast than Komplete and so you would not want to uninstall.

    I would not expect the Harddrive to be under any kind of warranty as it is just an installation vehicle and nothing more. You can always download later from Native Access if needed.
  6. Deafkon

    Deafkon NI Product Owner

    I should point out it wouldn't be a bad idea to keep your programs installed on one disk and their libraries on another. I do know that no matter what I think Native Access WILL install specific portions of programs to the C drive- maybe that is to avoid the scenario you described.
  7. Bikovr

    Bikovr New Member

    That makes tons of sense, Thank you for your tips&tricks !!
  8. Unreallystic

    Unreallystic New Member

    OP said it was 900 gigs, the comparison chart between the versions says it is 900 gigs, but after I installed it, my instance was only like 650 gigs. Am I missing something?
  9. LoveEnigma

    LoveEnigma NI Product Owner

  10. René must be Unique

    René must be Unique NI Product Owner

    That's right. The content of the NI KU12CE disk is around 600Gb, but that is compressed.
    After installing on your hard disk, it is approximately 900Gb.

  11. AL’DREAD

    AL’DREAD NI Product Owner

    It’s ok , I also read it was 900gb , but after installing its under 700gb