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    so i have a bunch of stacked snares in maschine that i routed to group (B1) sound slot 1 with EQ. I then routed that EQ'd sound slot (1) to a filter (sound slot 2), which is routed to B1 group, then to master. While exporting the stereo outs, it created a track and solidified it with all of the snares. I should've known this was going to happen, but I wasn't thinking. Now i have all my snares in one track when i want to mix them separately.

    so i'm guessing the best way to go about this in the future is:

    1. EQ + filter on the sounds in maschine individually If i plan on exporting the sounds to mix
    2. If i'm going to use the bus in this manner, mix the snares within maschine then export the final product to my DAW to mix everything else with

    are there any other options that doesn't include using maschine as a VST inside of my DAW?
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    Sound like you are doing more advanced stuff.

    What I have done in the past is I put snare, tom, ride, symbals sets in then own groups. then just export the groups. and import those into my DAW. this gives me ability to control drums more when mixing in the DAW. I dont use any effect or EQ of Maschine. I just use the ones in the DAW for that.
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    Yes if you want to keep the ability to mix the single snares you have to do it like described under point one. You could also do it with the bus in maschine as a placeholder but export then the single snares from group 1 send them then to a bus in your daw and recreate the EQ and LP there.

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