Question about the past products included in Komplete 12 UCE & Komplete 13 UCE.

Discussion in 'General Production Forum' started by Normal People, Jun 22, 2021.

  1. Normal People

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    I really have a concern about the Komplete 13 UCE (Ultimate Collector Edition). One of my acquaintance he had the Komplete 12 UCE and I like it so much. However when I'm about to buy the Komplete 13 UCE, I can't find the products in the listing like:

    • Pan Drums
    • Requiem Light
    • Rhythmic Odyssey
    • Samulnori Percussion
    • Sheng Khaen Sho
    • Skiddaw Stones
    • Swing More!
    • Swing!
    • Symphobia
    • Symphobia 2
    • Symphobia 4 Pandora
    • Symphobia Colours Animator
    • Symphobia Colours Orchestrator
    • The Attic 2
    • The Canterbury Suitcase
    • Time Macro
    • Vibraphone
    Those above are what I'm looking for to have when I'm getting a Komplete UCE, I just can't find it on the 13 UCE listed. Is it included but it just doesn't show on the list list, or it it just included in the 12 UCE?
  2. Simchris

    Simchris NI Product Owner

    I dont think those are NI products. ProjectSAM makes symphobia. Look up the features of v12 komplete to see what was included, dont trust your friend. Regardless, the products included with v13 are what NI lists on their site.
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  3. Normal People

    Normal People New Member

    thank you for your reply, I was waiting for anyone to reply those several days.

    My friend he said he got the Komplete 12 UCE 1.06, and those above are included. I want and need those so bad for my project, but I guess I can't have it now on the 13.
  4. Simchris

    Simchris NI Product Owner

    Again, don't go by what 'your friend says,' go by the official product info from NI. I am not saying he's wrong; just pointing out that third party products are not included in KOMPLETE ...

    so common sense, products created and sold by
    Soniccouture, ProjectSAM,
    are not created by NI, or included in KOMPLETE.

    This logically means "your friend" got them separately, and does not understand that KONTAKT instruments are created by hundreds of other sample firms and not by NI.

    This also was a list of products included in 12UCE compiled by somebody on the forum
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  5. ShelLuser

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    Simchris is fully on the mark here. I upgraded from 12 UC to 13 UC myself and those products weren't part of the deal. I own Requim Light but only because I bought the SoundIron vocal suite, this is not part of Komplete. I don't own any of the other products for obvious reasons.