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QUESTION FOR NI - why your Customer Support is the worst on the planet ?

Discussion in 'NI Website and Forums' started by SADARAHU, Apr 22, 2017.


    SADARAHU Forum Member

    I hope somebody from the company can answer this. I'm NI customer only for little over a month but already have had tons of issues and so far not even one was resolved through customer support. WHY? Because they simply ignore my requests. So - paid $2000 to find out that I will be dealing with the worst customer support ever makes me very very upset. Not sure about others but if the company who has so many customers around the world cannot afford to have enough personnell to support users - I can only say , there is definitely something wrong with NI. I definitely not recommend NI to anybody and I wish I could return all products and get my money back. HORRIBLE, TERRIBLE support.
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  2. DevonPete

    DevonPete Forum Member

    Second this.
  3. michaelgee

    michaelgee New Member

    my recent correspondence with them:
    Hi there, just over a week ago I bought Komplete for 299. Now Ultimate is available and is 399.00, if I would have known this was going to happen, I would have held off.
    Can I return Komplete standard and re-purchased ultimate instead? Or I'm I stuck with it?

    Many thanks


    Hello Michael,

    Your request (#xxxxx) has been deemed solved.
    We have now refunded 50% of your purchase!

    Best regards,
    Eliana @ NI


    Totally hopeless!
  4. michaelgee

    michaelgee New Member

    updated. I have made a complaint to the Euro ombudsman. it take two seconds. you should do the same.
  5. D-J-K

    D-J-K NI Product Owner

    so you made a decision to purchase a product that cost $299 and then because NI has a sale on the same product a few days later, that automatically entitles you to the sale price ? NI could have told you to go jump in a lake but instead they gave you a 50% refund because of a sale price that you did not qualify for. That seems like good customer service to me.
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  6. michaelgee

    michaelgee New Member

    Well no, it's terrible. First off. I didn't ask for a refund, I asked if it would be possible in order to purchase a more expensive NI product. Which I am entitled to coming from Version 9. Instead of answering the question and or giving good customer service advise, NI took it on to refund only half the money. It wasn't made clear at any point that this was going to happen. And has instead, worked out in NIs financial favour.

    Secondly, the purchase process says a refund with 14 days "no questions asked". I don't remember it saying that NI taxed it an entire 50% for the luxury.

    The fact that a representative of NI has commented it such a sidelined, assuming way, indicates that the entire Customer Service Team are either inexperienced in dealing with customers or that the arrogance of NI as a company has become so large it feels it has the rights to treat people however they wish.

    I think that I'm not alone in this view... it's certainly echoed throughout the web. The heavy handed-ness of NI customer services is becoming quit legendary.

    An actual person, that understands customers, their needs and wants and whom WANTS to help..... answers correspondences in good fashion might be a good starting place for NI Customer service dept?

    Just a suggestion ;-)
  7. David Silva

    David Silva New Member

    I had to go to Amazon and they refunded my money. I also asked them to open a seller investigation. Try going to your bank and get a refund. Never buying anything from this horrible company ever again. STOP LETTING THEM STEAL YOUR MONEY!
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  8. Matt @ NI

    Matt @ NI Support Team NI Team

    Hey David,
    Matt here from Support - This is a rather old forum post but please feel free to share more comments so we can offer more information about your experience with our support. I'm available here or directly via PM.
    Thank you :)