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    Hi, I'm new to the forum. Today I purchased KOMPLETE 12 ULTIMATE COLLECTOR’S EDITION upgrade to update from Komplete 10 Ultimate that I purchased years ago and noticed it also contain two previous purchases I made from both 'BEAT SAFARI' and 'ELECTRIC IMPULSE' which feature 18 EXPANSIONS that is also on KOMPLETE 12 ULTIMATE COLLECTOR’S EDITION upgrade.

    Before I get to the question a little background. I purchased a host of Native Instruments gear and software (Komplete 10 Ultimate box version) years ago but never installed it cause I didn't own a powerful mac computer, but now I own a fully loaded 16" MacBook Pro and I'm getting ready to set up my new laptop with all my previous purchases from NI. In the image file it show all my purchases. Nothing was installed. Komplete 10 Ultimate I purchased from a popular online music store and will soon start installing everything around Logic Pro X.

    My question is, can I get another audio sample app of equal value as what I spent for 'BEAT SAFARI' and 'ELECTRIC IMPULSE', being that it comes in the KOMPLETE 12 ULTIMATE COLLECTOR’S EDITION upgrade? That way I don't lose the $200 spent on those expansions which would be of no use if its already on K.12.U.C.E. upgrade. If you look at the dates you could see how long I didn't install anything. All my purchases are in my Products and serials section. None of my purchases have been installed or used. Native Instruments Purchases.png Thanks for your time.

    I also purchased the full OUTPUT ESSENTIAL ENGINES, but its not listed cause I caught the sale at the last minute and the payment failed, but the matter was sorted by the NI Team.
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    Welcome to the forum :)
    Unfortunately, you wouldn't be able to swap content from one of our bundle for another product. The best you can do in this situation is to resell the two expansions bundles you have so you can save some extra money. We have a thread on this forum if you want to advertise it: