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Questions about Xone:96 & 2x Kontrol X1

Discussion in 'General DJ Forum' started by Langduscher, Dec 28, 2020.

  1. Langduscher

    Langduscher New Member

    I am looking to upgrade from a Kontrol S8 & 2x D2’s, to a Xone:96 & 2x Kontrol X1

    I have a couple of questions to which I cannot seem to find the answers:

    1. In the X1 manual (3.7.4 - Using a second X1 controller's FX) it states “Hold SHIFT + FX Assign button. The left-hand FX Assign button (on either side of the X1 device) will then assign to the left-hand FX area of the second X1 device, whereas pressing the right-hand FX Assign button will assign to the right-hand area of the second X1 controller.”

      Am I right in understanding that by pressing SHIFT + FX Left on the 1st X1 (AB), I can activate effect unit 3 (from the 2nd X1 (CD)) on Channel A and B? And all possible combinations?

    2. Can I activate autoloop from X1 (so Traktor engages a loop when it reaches a Loop Hotcue)?

    3. When I add a Kontrol F1 for deck D to utilise the step sequencer, will there be a conflict between the X1 and F1?

    4. How do I record everything that goes on in the Xone:96 (faders, filters, EQ, and send/ return FX from Traktor)?

      I’ve looked here and here but I cannot find how to wire it/ or what I would need.

      I think I understand I need to set the recording input in Traktor to Ch11/12, right? Ch11/12 are on send/ return B on the Xone:96 - does this mean I lose the send/ return on channel b on the Xone:96?
    I hope somebody can help me :)
  2. Langduscher

    Langduscher New Member

    To answer my own questions - may be it will help someone in the future:

    1. Yes, this is exactly how it works

    2. Yes, by pressing Shift + Loop Encoder

    3. No conflict; they will work together without issues

    4. I ended up using an external recorder via Record Out on the Xone:96 , because I use the Send FX from Traktor to the Xone:96

      If you don't use Send FX from Traktor to the Xone:96, you can record via Traktor.
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  3. Ohthatpete

    Ohthatpete New Member

    Hi, I have just ordered this exact setup and am excited to get going, and no doubt will have the same and probably more questions. A quick question: how is yours wired up, did it come with all the right wires?

    Setup (some to arrive)
    NI Komplete Audio 6
    Xone 96
    2 x X1 MK 2 Controllers

    With thanks