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Discussion in 'KONTAKT' started by Lowkus, Jul 18, 2019.

  1. Lowkus

    Lowkus NI Product Owner

    Is there a way to copy my quick-load structure from Kontakt 5 to Kontakt 6?
  2. MarioD

    MarioD NI Product Owner

    For Windows yes:
    1-look in C:/users/(yourname)/appdata/local/native instruments/kontakt 5/quickload
    2-copy quickload to C:/users/(yourname)/appdata/local/native instruments/kontakt

    Now you will have the same quickload, at that period of time, in both versions of Kontakt. New patches that you put in Kontakt's quickload will not go into Kontakt 5's quickload and visa-versa. I am only using Kontakt now so that is not an issue here. I kept Kontakt for my older songs.

    I don't use a Mac so I can't answer for it.
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  3. David Das

    David Das Moderator Moderator

    On a Mac, the parallel folder is in:

    yourusername/Library/Application Support/Native Instruments/

    (Note that Library may be a hidden folder, but you can easily google for how to reveal it)

    Once inside the Native Instruments folder, you'll see folders for Kontakt 5 and Kontakt 6. Copy the relevant QuickLoad folder from 5 to 6.
  4. Lowkus

    Lowkus NI Product Owner

    Worked a treat on my Win7 machine, thanks!