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Razor Installation Problems

Discussion in 'Technical Issues - KOMPLETE (Archive)' started by enemigo242, Apr 6, 2011.

  1. Moujik

    Moujik NI Product Owner

  2. Kruddler

    Kruddler Forum Member

    I can't say for sure. I installed Reaktor straight off the DVDs in my Komplete 7 box set. What I can say is that the installer left a file behind that caused the installer to fail next time around. The latest installer should be changed so that if it finds the old file, it just deletes or overwrites it.
  3. swerver

    swerver Forum Member

    Good to hear some people have problem-free Reaktor fun. I only really run Reaktor as a VST instrument in Cubase 6. I use a lot of other VST instruments (all of my insturments are VST) I use a lot of other NI VSTs. Reaktor is the *ONLY* VST, that crashes my DAW, usually with Razor, and usually a serious error, but has also happened with The Finger and other ensembles. The general maintenance of my system is not an issue btw.

    Even when it doesn't crash I find that if I do anything in Reaktor (like load an ensemble) while Cubase is playing, it will 'corrupt' my Audio driver (artefacts) and I have to switch to another driver and back again. Granted this could be my audio driver, Cubase, etc. but this probelm doesn't happen with any other of my VSTs. Yes, I'm running the latest versions of everything, etc, etc.

    Don't get me wrong - I love Reaktor and I will continue to use it, but for me it has earned the 'flakey software' tag.
  4. sowari

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    @swerver, i do hope that you ran Reaktor in Standalone Mode before you used it as a plugin?

    and if you get crashlogs you should be contacting tech support and sending them the crashlogs.

    btw, you are not the only Cubase user with Reaktor problems. please have a look at:


  5. Moujik

    Moujik NI Product Owner

    Also, the upcoming update has been confirmed to fix some issues with Cubase, so hopefully this will help you.
  6. Darrenryan

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    I have downloaded Reaktor Player (Although it still is running as a demo) and I have purchased and downloaded Razor. I am running the so-far demo version of Reaktor Player in Live with some success but I am having a lot of trouble opening Razor in the player.

    I’m running Mac OSX - Any suggestions or tips very welcome.