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Discussion in 'Building With Reaktor' started by arachnaut, Aug 7, 2010.

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  1. arachnaut

    arachnaut NI Product Owner

    I am restarting the work on the modulators so I am starting this new thread. I will post a short introduction and some initial discussion and then get on with it.
    I expect that this new post will be merged with my previous, but it is supposed to be separated.

    For the new members, the Reaktor Builders Project started a long time ago, well before I knew about Reaktor, on a Yahoo group. In the fashion of so many group efforts, it started big and eventually people started losing interest or became otherwise pre-occupied with newer projects. Or so I surmise, I don't really know.

    Then a few years ago Rick Scott ("rachMiel") and others re-started the effort. It grew pretty quickly and when people started to lose interest, there was a call for help. It was then that I volunteered.

    I knew a lot about synthesizers, since I built my own hardware synth in 1979. So there was a lot about Reaktor that I understood pretty well. Plus I like to write and document - one of the rarest traits on the face of the earth. By trade, I was a network programmer, but I retired in 1999 so I have plenty of free time.

    Eventually, I inherited the job of co-ordinating the effort.

    As a group we put out many packages in the RB Macro series but eventually the interest in the work diminished and I, too, grew weary of it and wanted to start on to something else.

    But I keep coming back to it and finished the final part of the oscillator package earlier this year.
    This is the third post, but our helpful forum software will probably merge it with the others.

    There is one unfinished part - the section on modulators. A large set of modulators - envelopes, LFO's, etc. was gathered and collected by sowari and myself, I'll post that collection at the end of this sequence.

    It is this section that will be the focus of this thread.

    The way we work is this: anyone can post suggestions in the form of U/L entries or macros for the set and then the group polishes it up into submission form.

    The more work the submitter does, the easier it is for the rest of the group.

    The group is made up of volunteers - and at the moment that is just me, hence this preliminary set of postings.

    The group takes these suggestions and formats them into an 'rb macro' and put it into an evaluator package.

    The formatting involves fixing up wiring, documentation panel elements, labeling ins and outs, etc.

    It can be easy or tedious depending on the state of the original macro.

    The evaluator package is an ensemble that houses a set of these macros - usually a group of 10 - into something that a person can play with to evaluate the macros.

    When a group of 10 is polished, the set is examined by the group and when it passes muster, someone, it has been me, does the upload.

    I have maintained a history and status report at this location:

    Reaktor Builders Macros Project Status

    Please read the section about Guidelines on that page.
    This is another post.

    In demonstrating the macros, we developed a rather sophisticated little general synth box which switches in and out the various macros.

    I took this idea to the extreme and build a synthesizer (along with Thomas Medes) called OMega which was recently posted and is in a fairly solid form.

    It is my plan to use OMega as the evaluator for remaining sound modules in the series.

    That would be the sampler modules in Reaktor.

    But we are not there yet - there remains to finish a small set of modulators.

    I would like to finish the modulators rather quickly and then move on to the sampler set.

    There are quite a few modulators already suggested (I will post them next) and the number is small enough and general enough to be released soon.

    I welcome other people to join the project - either with submission ideas or with editorial help on the macros.

    It doesn't matter if you are not an expert, you can learn a lot like I did just by participating.

    So my current plan is to finish the modulators and move on to sets of sampler ideas.

    After that we finish the sound generators parts of Reaktor and can move onto the event processing phase, like sequencers and so on.
  2. arachnaut

    arachnaut NI Product Owner

    Here are the two packages for modulators we will use to start the next package.

    We welcome new suggestions for this package and volunteers to help with the work.

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  3. arachnaut

    arachnaut NI Product Owner

    OK, I'll let that sink in for a few days or until there's some feedback before continuing or working on the submissions.
  4. JuanSOLO

    JuanSOLO Forum Member

    This sounds interesting. I would like to learn more about building for sure. I want to participate.
  5. arachnaut

    arachnaut NI Product Owner

    Great John!

    I'll wait a few more days before beginning discussion, we may get more help.
  6. gtodd

    gtodd Forum Member

    I can participate.
  7. arachnaut

    arachnaut NI Product Owner

    Welcome Todd.
  8. sowari

    sowari Moderator Moderator

    i have one - perhaps more - modulator(s) that i can upload, i will look tomorrow.

  9. arachnaut

    arachnaut NI Product Owner

    Tomorrow I'll post a breakdown of the work. I'll split it into three parts and we can each take our time on it. I'll look at the macros and try to split them up into equal levels of difficulty/workload.

    If anyone has any trouble or questions just ask.

    There are a few switches involved, so we can discuss what to do - whether to replace with selectors or make two versions. The one's I noticed seem to be related to Sync or Scaling which is usually something in the setup and not something that would be changed in a performance - so in these cases switches are fine.

    Phil, did you get a chance to look at any more?

    One thing I'd like to make for this part is a modulator - modulator. It is a simple front-end/back-end to any LFO-type modulator. It will provide an initial onset delay, a crescendo ramp or it's inverse and an AM modulation - so it's basically just a delay for the trigger and some Env/LFO with a multiplier at the output. Mainly I'd like to use it for an LFO that starts softly and ramps up, but it will be more generalized.

    If anyone else has ideas for a design, feel free to volunteer something.
  10. Klinke

    Klinke Account Suspended

    I love modulators...

    My Question:
    Do you want to have it build from scratch, or is this all supposed to be a collection of all good modulators in factory and U/L ensembles?

    With modulators i am messing around a lot , but i don't consider my skills U/L worthy...
    Not even builder's forum worthy...:|

    I am not bad at "copy and paste" from different ensembles to create what i want.

    Like that:

    And now i discovered great things in EI 1 and 2...all has changed. I found so much great stuff in the last time. (which need to be cut out and used in other ensembles)
  11. arachnaut

    arachnaut NI Product Owner

  12. arachnaut

    arachnaut NI Product Owner

    I looked over the U/L for more modulators and came up with this list of ensembles which might be useful to add. I didn't look too deeply into this, just some simple searching. Let's discuss what we might add.

    16x Memory Modulation Matrix v1.0
    3 Stage Core Cell Envelope v1.1
    3level_delay v1.0
    Accent Gate v0.1
    Adjustable and adaptive event smoothers v1.0
    Audio Gate v0.2
    Audio to Gate (update) v0.1
    Auto Control Collection v1.1
    automatic fader v1.1automatic fader v1.1
    blackbox midi cc automation v1.5
    CC Sequencer v1.3 v1.0
    CoreLib update v2.0
    Dither & Noise Shaping v3.0
    eZ randoMize v1.0
    Final Prozessor v2.0
    Fleshmaker! v1.0
    Flipwave v0.1
    Goniometer Stereo Enhancer v1.1
    ...and Chet Singer's new Aural Exciter v1.2
  13. Klinke

    Klinke Account Suspended

    -MS16 modulation sequencer

    -The Freshmaker! v1.7

    -The sequencers and LFOs out of the FX-pack from James Walker Hall


    ...somehow i come back to my question: Also factory macros from any ens/ins/macro?
    I would include all. To have a complete macro-pool to choose from quickly and not having to worry and search the superb factory-library also.

    -The automation-instruments
    -classic modular macros: LFO/Env+Seq
    -The recordable XY from Limelite (great-with length etc.)+maybe the modulation-seq

    What i try with modulators, is to make them modulate things outside of the Reaktor-box. I think i need to make such library out of the project-collection when it's ready.

    Credits: Peter Dines/Christian Tom:
  14. Klinke

    Klinke Account Suspended


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  15. arachnaut

    arachnaut NI Product Owner

    I took our submissions so far and Phil's (sowari's) test setup and made the following first pass for the modulators package.

    At the moment this is single-voiced (Voices set to 1) and event-based (all macros are sending events). Event-based outputs usually have an A/E module at the output.

    Some of the macros have audio outs and some of the macros were polyphonic.

    I made them all monophonic because the polyphony wasn't working.

    In the package there are two sets of modulators - the first group is colored in green, the second group is in red.

    The controls are purple.

    Why don't each of you, Todd and John, pick one or the other groups to work on - the green or the red? First come first served.
    I think the green group is easier than the red.

    Meanwhile I'll work on getting the package to run with polyphony and at both event and audio rates and look at the other submission possibilities.

    Here are the steps, roughly:
    1) Look over each macro

    2) Clean up any wiring that looks confusing. Sometimes wires overlap or get into strange positions. I go overboard and straighten out all the wires and make the distances equal.

    3) Label all the macro ins and outs and document (Info tips) them.

    4) Document all the panel controls.

    5) Make sure the panel controls are in appropriate ranges, resolutions and have useful default settings. For example, mouse resolutions should be about 127. LFO default rates should be, say 5 Hz. Time rate defaults should be reasonable, for example, an attack rate default may be 2 ms. but a decay default may be quite a bit longer.

    6) Give the macro a good name and version 1. For example, these should all start with "rb_modulators", so an LFO might be called:


    7) In the macro documentation, these were mostly submitted by Phil, with a few from me - mine are written.
    The macro documentation should look like this:

    (from CV Gen)

    Benjamin Suthers

    Jim Hurley
    Oct 2007

    taken from
    Duck-O-Matic v1.0
    By Benjamin Suthers

    If you have to write a new submission date use today's date.

    If you make any changes write what you did, date it, and write your name.

    When you finish the set submit what you have to this list and we'll double check things.

    When all is ready I'll make the final package and post it for final checks.

    Take your time and ask questions if anything isn't clear. I'll try to check the forum several times a day. I am in California (GMT - 8) and Phil is in England so there is a good coverage time-wise.

    Of course, other people are welcome to join in.
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  16. arachnaut

    arachnaut NI Product Owner

    Sure, as long as they are not just the Reaktor Library macros.
    The macros in the factory library should stay there - they are not part of the Reaktor Builders stuff.

    If you want to include something from the NI library you should modify it somewhat, clean it up, document it, and then submit it. The change should ad to it's usefulness.
    Those modulators in your picture look like fine examples of what we want.
    I'll look over these suggestions and make comments.
    I wish there were a way to not have the forum merge sequential posts.

    I want them to be separate so they are easier to track and reply to with quotes.

    The merge idea is not a very good one in my opinion.
  17. Klinke

    Klinke Account Suspended

  18. arachnaut

    arachnaut NI Product Owner

    How do I do that?
    When submitting something, please use Reaktor 5.1.5, not 5.5 beta.
    This is an example of the evils of merging. It's bad enough that the forum topics don't thread replies with their replied-to post.

    I know if I attach a dummy file I can prevent merges, but that's a silly thing to do.
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  19. arachnaut

    arachnaut NI Product Owner

    Here's a dummy file - to stop merge.

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  20. arachnaut

    arachnaut NI Product Owner

    That works, but it is just as evil.

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