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Discussion in 'General DJ Forum' started by sluggo, Dec 22, 2009.

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  1. sluggo

    sluggo NI Product Owner

    I'm playing with the traktor demo and hoping to get either the duo or pro soon (or maybe just the LE). I have a UC-33 slider/knob controller, along with a Xone3 mixer. Currently I'm doing all of the mixing in software though.

    I'm interested in opinions on what midi controller I could add to my setup. First, I'm not sure there is any real point in keeping the Xone, if I have proper midi controllers then the Xone doesn't add much value (I do have multi-out audio card if required). Secondly, it would be nice to have a controller that allows me to easily job/scroll to the starting point in a track instead of using the mouse. I'd also like to be able to nudge tracks, set loop points and control effects.

    The things I think I'm mostly missing out on is the jog/scrolling and nudging, along with setting up cue and loop points (which I like using a lot). The uc-33 has a lot of sliders and knobs but its layout isn't ideal, and the buttons are very limited. I don't really need a crossfader, although it can be handy. The new Kontrol X1 looks very enticing, except that it is also missing out on jogging and nudging?

    Any advice is appreciated.
  2. TeLLy

    TeLLy NI Product Owner Extraordinaire

    I got rid of my VCI-100 this past year and faced the same dilemma.

    Fixed it by adding load points to every track I play regularly, and set a couple of my buttons to pitch bend.

    You can change the assignments in the X1 to output pitch bend, if the default config doesn't have it.
  3. Vince_Tf

    Vince_Tf Forum Member

    I'm just recently playing around with the Traktor Pro Demo and an old UC-17 X-Session - a little brother to the UC-33. Wouldn't mind getting my paws on a UC-33 - the're probably very inexpensive on eBay by now, and not necessarily obsolete.

    The UC-33 might be interesting to use with Traktor Pro. The '33 box has has 8 sets of 3 knobs plus upfaders, which might be used as a 3 band EQ and level for each of 4 virtual decks, plus effects control knobs (wet/dry etc) for each deck.

    Lots of people don't normally use more than 2 music decks, so that might not be very useful, it uses only half the UC-33 knobs/faders. However I was thinking a DJ might use the UC-33 for 2 music decks and have voice-overs (movie dialogs maybe) to mix in over track intros, and other sound effects on the other 2 decks.

    My style with Traktor 2.53 was to use cue points to get in position on tracks, didn't really need jog wheels. Not sure yet if I'd use jog wheels with Traktor Pro.

    Review & pic of UC-33:
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