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record scenes in real time

Discussion in 'Feature Request Archive' started by rmaxty, Aug 21, 2015.

  1. rmaxty

    rmaxty NI Product Owner

    Along with the functionality that NI has provided for Maschine users to be able to create music freely in regards to beginning wherever you want, when using scenes. In other words if you feel like starting your song by creating the third verse first, or the outro first you can. We should have the same freedom when it comes to our final arrangement. I like to record my final arrangements on the fly by moving from scene to scene however I want and anyway i choose, but I don't like that it renders to audio. We need the ability to record our projects and arrangements in real time, and then have access to all parameters, all trax, all instruments everything to make final adjustments and so on. You can't do this when it renders to audio your stuck with what you get. The freedom to record our arrangements how we want is a powerful evolution that we need. Think about it like being able to record a performance go back and tweek it then render it would be awesome. Instead of starting at scene one and ending at scene whatever.
  2. Paul Fisher

    Paul Fisher New Member

    Totally agree rmaxty, also patterns changes should be able to be recorded as a live song don't you agree?

    You should be able to open it up in your DAW, press play in your song in the daw, (which would start Maschine) Push record on Maschine & then just change the patterns or scenes live through the song, on the fly. And then you should be able to edit any of the changes afterwards. You should be able to change the length of the change so it could change every bar, 1/2 bar 1/16th bar etc. That would make creating the Maschine parts in to your song very creatively & as you were feeling it. Or you just step rercord.
    This was a function on drum machines in the 80's for petes sake!!
    I've found that because all that speed & quick creativity is not there with Maschine when you come to write songs i've actually stopped using it.!!
    I've been assured that they are working on this & should be a part of the next big release.
    It really is essential in spontaneous song writing!!! :)
  3. rmaxty

    rmaxty NI Product Owner

    I'm not even making music right now and haven't in months. It's not because I'm using other software, but because I'm waiting patiently for NI to do what they need to. I have pro tools, reason, fruity loops, and ableton, not bootleg **** all paid for with ownership licenses but i choose to use maschine so I'll wait, and if they take to long I'll probably move to ableton
  4. oivivio

    oivivio New Member

    Any update on this? As Maschine becomes more advanced with DAW like features, I feel this would be a big win for those who enjoy recording on the fly by bouncing between patterns and have the midi recorded into the arranger. Thanks!
  5. D-One

    D-One Moderator Moderator

    Nop. No update, we are still all waiting for this.
  6. lister

    lister NI Product Owner

    this is what Im hoping for too. The ideas mode is a step up which is good. Now Id like to be a little more expressive rather than being linear when recording / laying down an arrangement. Also, the ability to record modulation across the whole track?
  7. Sangeeta

    Sangeeta NI Product Owner

    +1 recording scene /pattern select would be aweseome, also like the idea of modulation throughout the whole track. Even if it would be just recording macro controls, would be fine.
  8. Slappz

    Slappz NI Product Owner

    This is what disappoints me the most. I don't understand why you can't record scene/pattern in Maschine? I just assumed since it had "groovebox" in the title it would allow me to record them on the fly.
  9. J Bocanegra

    J Bocanegra New Member

    +1 on this request. Have been loving Maschine for songwriting / sketching out ideas and would love to be able to 'record' the progression of scenes in the timeline by triggering them via the controller's pads and then being able to go back and edit in the timeline as needed, as others have suggested here.