In Sticky Record Several 'takes' In A Single Recording, Saved As Multiple Patterns

Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by montenegrasanovic, Jan 23, 2016.

  1. montenegrasanovic

    montenegrasanovic NI Product Owner

    I got this idea from recording midi in Reaper, and thought it would be something that could be incorporated into Maschine.

    In Reaper, there is a feature of recording "takes". I'll give an example- I would hit record at the beginning of my loop. I leave it recording for 5 repetitions of the loop and stop recording half way through the 6th repetition. When I stop playing, all the takes have been saved in a block of midi data- (each take can be highlighted for playback) Untitled-3.jpg

    As I'm recording, obviously there is no playback of recorded sounds as I'm playing. When I finish, I can listen to the different takes by highlighting them during playback.

    The reason I LOVE this feature, is because I can press record on the selected loop, and keep playing until I know I have some good takes in there. It means I can keep playing until I feel in the flow, and get a natural sounding take.

    It struck me that the "patterns" in Maschine were very similar to the "takes" in Reaper. So in Maschine, I'm suggesting a record mode which would record in the same way described above, but instead of takes like above, they would be saved as different patterns within a group in Maschine.

    Another feature to make this even more user friendly, would be to select how many takes/patterns will be saved. So for example, if I selected '4', the last 4 takes played before pressing stop will be saved as 4 patterns. Everything else will be discarded. This means I could play for 3 minutes, closing my eyes, gettin real soulful, and when I know I've just played some gold, I press stop, and the last 4 loops of my playing will be saved as 4 patterns.

    This would be really useful to me, I don't know about anyone else!
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  2. ratfacedudeguy

    ratfacedudeguy New Member

    YES!!! I've daydreamed on this very same feature for a good while now! Would LOVE a "take" style system of recording!
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  3. b-righteous

    b-righteous Moderator Moderator

    Great suggestion.
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  4. lethal_pizzle

    lethal_pizzle NI Product Owner

    Pretty faffy, but as of today you can duplicate the scene x4 you wanted to play along to, then duplicate an empty pattern of the desired length in each of them, loop around the scenes, then use replace record to loop and keep the last 4 attempts.

    But yes, this would be a great idea. Probably something that could go in the menu you get when you hold record down to select record options.
  5. Hit-Man

    Hit-Man NI Product Owner

    Yes... good suggestion. Studio One 3 has a "Takes" feature also..
  6. Multi4G

    Multi4G NI Product Owner

    YES! That would be great - btw. you can kind of do that by using multiple patterns - you have to switch manually though
  7. CH7

    CH7 NI Product Owner

    sounds like a great plug for Reaper. I must check it out.... maybe it could be used to control the machine's audio. ;))

    More adhoc solutions to get what we so desperately need... a more spontanious way to relate to Maschine..
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  8. Tooshka

    Tooshka NI Product Owner

    Not entirely sure what you mean by any of this, but...
    If by control Maschines audio you means its output, yes Reaper can do that, it is called Rearoute
    Neither am i sure how the controllers could be any more spontaneous without becoming cumbersome behemoths to be honest
    Maschine is 'THE' most intuitive hardware software combo available, Kontrol is not as good, Advance is not as good, MPC is debatable depending on who you talk to (Personally i think the MPC is going to be developed on a much more regular basis than Maschine ever will, but Maschine is still currently more intuitive to me)
  9. BlackCoffee

    BlackCoffee New Member

    Being able to record takes would be extremely helpful. This would be even more important to me than being able to record scene changes on the fly.
  10. Tim Verberne

    Tim Verberne NI Product Owner

    Very nice suggestion. Hoping NI will add this ^^. +1
  11. CH7

    CH7 NI Product Owner

    You know, this feature and others like it aren't just workflow enhancements, I see them as fundamental to the type of music the technology allows us to create.

    In the old days you had analogue; a tape machine and the spontaneous will of a human being. So much of what we still enjoy wasn't about programming or even about music theory, it was about those raw emotional choices made in the moment.

    Instead of enhancing that 'spontaneous will', it seems to me we have taken a step backwards. We have a technology based around samples which seems to force this incremental approach to making music. If you have the patience and discipline you can exceed what is humanly possible. At the same time this technology places a limit on those acts which occur as expressions of spontaneity.

    To compensate for the lack of musical prowess, it seems we tweak effects buttons, or we make production choices, but this can't replace the raw emotional choices which starts when you are locked into a grove, and you have nothing else on your mind except the music.

    I don't think those producing this technology have addressed this yet.
  12. HammyHavoc

    HammyHavoc NI Product Owner

    This is an absolute must.
  13. Wilmar Boer

    Wilmar Boer NI Product Owner

    I really would like this! Especially with some comping features, like that the take that's on top always is the one that's audible. And if you cut away the parts you don't want the take onderneath becomes audible at that spot etc ....
  14. olafmol

    olafmol NI Product Owner

    +1 ! This would be awesome!

    It would be beneficial to both the audio-recorder and MIDI information. Right now audio-recording can be done in loops, but you need to press record manually for every "Take". Have a setting/checkbox that would keep on recording automatically would be awesome, for both audio and MIDI.
  15. CH7

    CH7 NI Product Owner

    +1 see my post above, lets hope the new CEOs starts addressing the fundamentals. The core philosphy of music making.
  16. CH7

    CH7 NI Product Owner

    1+ ! see my earlier reply. Lets hope the new CEO's address the core philosophy behind Maschine and the idea of music.
  17. broonton33

    broonton33 New Member

  18. Gianfranco Cecconi

    Gianfranco Cecconi NI Product Owner

    This is coming to Bitwig Studio 4.0, too, and it looks amazing