[RELEASE] 3rd Party VST NKS Preset Libraries for Komplete \ Maschine

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    Freelance SoundLabs has released a few "NKS Preset Browser Packs" over the last few years for the Komplete Kontrol \ Maschine software and hardware and this thread will now centralise support and release announcements to save maintaining a number of different threads.

    Komplete Kontrol \ Maschine hardware and software offers users a convenient way to browse, load and start tweaking the Komplete selection of VST instruments and a small handful of 3rd party "NKS Ready" instruments. Unfortunately there are many VSTs that will probably never be NKS compatible or will be a long way off.

    Through the use of scripts, patience and time I am working through my personal collection of VST instruments as well as searching out developers and snapping up reasonably priced instruments to process these as NKS ready instruments to allow full preset browsing and tweaking from the hardware.

    • Komplete Kontrol software v1.9+
    • Maschine Software 2.6+
    • Komplete Kontrol MK1/MK2 compatible
    • Maschine Studio, Micro, MK2/MK3 compatible
    • Supports VST instruments only
    • Works on PC / MAC
    • Supports 32 / 64 bit installations
    • You must own the actual VST and library's, these are only NKS preset files.
    New in v2.2.0 (23 April 2018)
    This new version update applies to ALL NKS libraries released so far and it is recommended to download and update all your Freelance Soundlab libraries to get the most out of them.

    Detailed & Improved Tagging
    All NKS libraries have been updated by hand to add more detailed tagging to every preset. Over 15,000 new tags have been added to sounds with work continuing on adding even more tagging. This ensures all sounds in every library are tagged for easy searching. Additional work has also been done to consolidate and improve tagging with HUNDREDS of improvements to tagging since version 2.1. This improves browser speeds and makes finding sounds even faster. It’s recommended to update ALL your NKS libraries to make the best use of this.

    Version Numbers
    Version numbers for releases have been added to the properties of each NKS file. This can be used to easily identify which version you are using. All releases have version numbers at the top of the download page and at the top of the ReadMe PDF within each release. Check the end of the page for a full change log

    Controller Map Tweaks & Updates
    Some instruments have updated controller maps updates to improve control layouts or add additional controls. This is especially the case with Omnisphere and Trilian. Check the download pages for more details.

    Additional Libraries
    Lethal VST now includes updated libraries to X20 and more will be added when they are released. Trilian now includes a library for Omnisphere integration including the Trilian VIP library.

    Numerous Tweaks & Improvements
    There are thousands of tweaks and improvements to tagging, control templates, sound preview files to fix issues that have been found and reported by users or to update details or usability. It is a good idea to feedback any issues or suggestions as we do update these libraries with your suggestions.

    Release Video

    Features Released in v2.1.1

    NKS packages are now running at v2.1.1 as of December 11 2017. This is a small update to ALL NKS libraries including 3rd party NKS libraries. It is recommended that users download and replace all existing libraries to make use of the cleaned tags if desired.

    All existing 2.1 users can access the latest updates for free. Just Login and go to My Downloads.

    Cleaner Tagging & More of it
    It's been an ongoing process to clean up tagging over multiple libraries to keep the browser clutter free and working smoothly. The issue has been when I create a new NKS library I sometimes program tagging incorrectly into scripts as I was doing it from memory. Now I use a specific method to tag files which should result in all tagging being uniform. Omnisphere has set the basis for much of the tagging (along with the official tagging method).

    Additionally I have spent some time with the help of the new sound preview system to assign more tagging to instruments such as Korg Legacy Cell and Wavestation so more files are now tagged with more information. This is an ongoing process and individual libraries will be updated over time.

    Just download and replace the files you have if you have a previous version. Your favourites should still remain in tact as no paths have been changed.

    Artwork for Loaded Plugin (Maschine / Komplete MK2)

    New database files now allow both artwork and colouring to be displayed when you load a plugin. Previously when you loaded a plugin you would just see white text and a black background.

    New Sound Previews
    New sound previews have been generated for many instruments:

    • Bass sounds now play an E1 note not C1 which sounds much better. Some cases it is an E2 due to E1 being a little too low but it should be better in instruments such as Trilian.
    • Acoustic guitars now play a "strum" sound in most instruments
    • Drum Kits should mostly now play 4 hits of the kit so you can hear hopefully a few different drums in a kit instead of just a single hit
    • Some missing sounds have been fixed but there may be some missing still (such as drum or percussion kits that only occupy a few keys in the range
    Features Released in v2.1
    As of November 1st 2017 all existing 1.x NKS releases are being updated to v2.1 which will add the following feature updates:

    Library Banks
    All instruments will now have the ability to select an individual library or expansion from the software/hardware. This makes it much easier to filter your sound search to a certain library within an instrument.

    Improved Tagging
    Tags have been cleaned up with many duplicate tags or tags such as "Synth" and "Synths" condensed. Over 150 garbage tags were removed across all libraries and a lot of work has now gone into synchronising tags over all instruments. Some tags that were almost empty were removed or consolidated with other tags. This is most noticeable with many 3rd party libraries for Omnisphere which contained a huge mess of tags. Some additional work has gone into adding more tag data to some instruments too such as Wavestation which did not have much tag data but has now been processed by hand to add tags to every preset.

    Updated Library Artwork

    I spent some time updating artwork for all plugins to make it fit in better with the factory style. This is of course optional if you have custom artwork or like the original artwork but if you have the previous v1.x and wish to update the artwork you will need to copy the files in the IMAGES folder and overwrite the existing images.

    Sound Previews
    This is the biggest update and the one that required the most amount of work to achieve. Sound previews are now available for ALL presets for v2.1+ NKS libraries. This increases the download size and the installation size so keep this in mind.

    You will have to delete your existing NKS library files and install this latest package. Installation is the same, nothing special. You need to keep in mind that any favourites you have marked will be overwritten.

    New Download System
    We now have a completely automated system for digital downloads. You no longer have to register an account, send a payment and twiddle your thumbs waiting for me to wake up and send you your download (and I no longer have to answer the "WHERE IS MY DOWNLOAD!!!" emails). You will now find payment buttons with a quick checkout, no account needed, and an instant download delivered to your email.

    However, we do recommend creating an account if you want easy access to your downloads or updates at a later date. The system will create an account if you are not logged in using your PayPal email. If you have an account just login before purchase to have it saved to that account. Whenever you revisit and login, your purchased downloads will be free.

    For existing registered users: If you have already purchased v1.x libraries you can upgrade to the new library for just $2.99 by logging in, going to Downloads > My Downloads then visiting the Donor Downloads section of your account. You will now see an "Upgrade" button that will add the update to your account. If you are not interested in any of the new features then you don't need to upgrade.

    Issues \ Support
    We have hundreds of users that are happily using these NKS files. If you are having issues getting it working it is normally an easy fix so just post a simple message here and I (or other users) will help get you up and running. If you notice any performance issues let me know and we will try and work through them. Every system is different but based on number of downloads and number of reported issues, there are none that I know of.

    If it does not work for you please check the following

    Windows Users

    Mac Users

    By far the most common issue is the fact the instrument plugin is not installed as a VST or the VST.dll file is not loaded by KK/Maschine (either due to an older version of KK being used or the VST.DLL file is not located in the location the software loads plugins from).

    • Do you have Komplete Kontrol 1.9 or later installed?
    • Do you have Maschine 2.6 or later installed?
    • Can you load the instrument manually in: Menu > Plugins
    This is the most common problem and not related to the preset pack. You must see a plugin within the plugin menu before a pack will work. If you do not see the plugin check the following:​
      • Is the VST version installed (you may have an AU version installed which is not loaded by KK)
      • Is both KK and the VST 32/64bits (the bit depth of both must match)
      • Is the VST.dll file located in the location KK is looking for plugins (check KK Preferences > Plugins > User)
      • Have you tried a Rescan of the plugins preferences
    • Have you copied the Preset folder to the correct location? The preset files need to be copied to your KK User folder which you can easily see the path in Preferences > Library > User
    • Have you opened KK in Standalone mode and done a "Rescan". In the Preferences > Library > User you will see a Rescan button.
    • Are you looking in the USER library section of the KK software? The presets will be accessible from the user browser of the KK software, not the factory browser

    Maschine is pretty much the same method. Check your preferences for the user and plugin library locations.
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    Added 9 January 2018
    Information & Download Page

    Information & Download Page

    Added 20 January 2018
    Information & Download Page

    Added 07 February 2018
    Information & Download Page

    Added 6 Mar 2018
    Information & Download Page

    Added 11 May 2018
    Information & Download Page

    Added 18 May 2018
    Information & Download Page

    Added 10 June 2018
    Information & Download Page

    Added 8 July 2018
    Information & Download Page

    Requested NKS Plugins
    These are plugins you have requested. I encourage users to write to the vendors asking for NKS. If you have any plugins you would like to see processed please let me know in the thread.
    • Gforce Mellontron
    • Gforce Imposcar
    • Gforce Oddity 2
    • Synapse Audio Dune 2
    • REFX Nexus 2
    • AudioRealism - Abl3
    • Cableguys - Curve 2 > Under consideration
    • Reveal Sound - Spire
    • Arturia Analog Lab 3 Completed
    • D16 Lush
    • D16 Punchbox
    • Plugin Boutique BigKick
    • ISM BassISM
    • BeepStreet Dagger+Sunrizer
    • Sonic Academy ANA1 + 2
    • Tone2 Electra Completed
    • Sonic Projects - OP-X PRO-II Completed
    • Synthmaster 2 Completed
    • Vengeance Avenger VST Completed
    • RealGuitar 5
    • RealGuitar LPC 4
    • RealGuitar Strat 4
    • Air Music Vacuum (Pro version is available already, this is for the base version)
    • Air Music Boom (the lack of lightguide for user patches will make this a little disappointing )
    • Additional Hybrid Libraries
    • Additional velocity options for Keyscape (to suit S88 keyboards) - In Consideration
    • SynthMaster2: Everything Bundle Completed
    • Z3ta+2
    • Kilohearts kHs One
    Have an NKS request? Contact Us
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    Please read through this FAQ section before emailing me with support assistance. In most cases, any issues you have will be because the plugin or Komplete Kontrol are not setup correctly and nothing to do with the files I offer.

    Test using the Free download
    A free version is offered for all plugins so you can download and test how it will work before making a payment for the full library. If you have any issues with artwork or the presets working within komplete or maschine please make sure you get this sorted before donating.

    How do I install these?
    There are install instructions within the zip download for PC / Mac. It simply involves copying the preset files to your "User Library" location and the artwork files to the "Database" location which is explained within the instructions. There is now also a video on our youtube channel and probably posted in this thread too.

    I followed the instructions but it's not working
    You have missed a step somewhere:

    • Did you install the files to the correct path? Did you double check this?
    • Did you make sure you have v1.9 Komplete Kontrol / 2.6 Maschine or later installed?
    • Did you make sure you have the VST version of the plugin installed?
    • Did you make sure the VST is scanned and recognised by Komplete Kontrol software?
    • Did you launch the Komplete Kontrol software in Standalone Mode and allow it to scan?
    • If it did not scan did you confirm the user path in the Preferences and try a manual scan?
    • Is your VST up to date? I always use the latest version and some preset information could change.
    Check the top of the thread for detailed troubleshooting (with pictures) or a moving pictures (video) example of the installation​

    Failing all that you can get in contact with me but try and include some useful information such as your versions of plugins/KK software, Operating System etc. Simply saying "I installed this and followed instructions but nothing is working" is not useful to me.

    Why do you charge for these?
    Basically because it's a huge amount of work and I invest a lot of time carefully creating these NKS presets plus there are costs with hosting etc. Each pack has NKS files generated with a thought out parameter map along with preview sounds and is then tagged using both scripts and hand tagging to make sure the tags fit with all other libraries. Artwork and instructions are generated and the whole package is hosted in a central space. The cost is kept quite low and just helps me cover some host costs and allows me to look at more instruments and libraries to make NKS.

    I have paid for the full version but did not receive it?
    Just contact me with your paypal email so I can look it up. The new system should display a download immediately after checkout and also email you the download details. You can also find your purchases in the My Downloads section.

    Can you change the parameter mappings to how I would like?
    Possibly depending on the plugin. You need to create the mapping yourself then email me a single .nkfs file to use as your mapping template. Please make sure it is exactly how you would like and that it can be easily applied to ALL presets. Some VSTs (like Omnisphere) have different effects with different presets so having effect parameters mapped will not work over all presets. I will check your mappings before processing. A small fee may apply.

    I have additional presets for a VST, can I also browse these too?
    Only factory presets can be included but it may be possible for me to script these for you at an additional cost. Please PM me to find out.

    I have a VST that I would love to browse, could you do this?
    Let me know what the VST is and I will have a look. I can only script instruments I personally own but I have contacted some VST developers asking for assistance to make these compatible with Komplete Kontrol and some are open to sending a NFR copy for doing this so anything is worth asking. Optionally if you are keen to purchase me a copy of the software and it's possible to be scripted I will give you the presets back for free in exchange.

    I have a fully working cracked version of a VST I can send you?
    Please do not even think of it. I do not use any software I do not legally own a license for. I don't need to explain this further.

    Does the sound preview feature work with User presets?
    Yes. The latest 2.1 release of any of my NKS presets include preview files for all presets. If you find any sounds that do not have a preset file or the preset sound is silent, corrupt or doesn't sound right please let me know and I will fix this.
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    My Akai MPK249 allows changing the encoder from continuous to inc/dec -- double check your edit window on the Advance to see if it allows that choice. Good to know, though - thanks!

    I will definitely be sending you several more donations! :)

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    Vengeance Avanger is dope!
  7. yuma

    yuma NI Product Owner

    Backbeat2 is right, a really great synth.
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  8. JesterMgee

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    Requires elok dongle :(

    Ive dodged around ever having to get a dongle as most have moved to the online ilok system. Looks quite impressive but I imagine a pain to setup a mapping template due to the fact its "modular" and appears to have a lot of business under the hood.

    If they ever move it to electronic license i'd add it to my interest list but i'm dodging around license dongles because they are simply a pain and I need another thing in a USB port like I need a kick in the face.
  9. yuma

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    Hi Jester, no avenger is working without dongle too. Only ILok Licence Manager.
  10. JesterMgee

    JesterMgee NI Product Owner

    Well that's good to know. They need to update their website info then because I only use software that does NOT require a dongle these days.
  11. JesterMgee

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    So I have completed the Korg Legacy Collection and will soon have this available after I check all the library's

    I also received my copy of keyscape this week and apart from having some awesome sounding keyboards I had no idea it also had a massive library of "creative" patches just for Omnisphere.

    So I will be working on both a keyscape library and Omnisphere Creative library as well as the Bob moog library. This will take a while though but very excited to start exploring.
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    Information & Download Page

    Now Available: Air Music Technology Vacuum Pro has now been completely converted to Komplete Kontrol browsing and studio tweaking.


    All factory presets have been wrapped to .NKFS and contain tagging information and mappings for all controls in both layers.
    Click on the info link to learn more and get your copy. A free version is available to test and donors will receive the full version including ALL presets.
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    Information & Download Page

    Now Available: Korg Legacy Collection Preset Browsing Pack.

    This pack contains ALL factory presets plus additional downloadable library banks from Korg, wrapped and mapped in Komplete Kontrol for all 6 VST instruments. The donor version contains 6000 presets:

    - LegacyCell = 321 Presets
    - M1 = 3464 Presets
    - MonoPoly = 839 Presets
    - MS-20 = 257 Presets
    - PolySix = 219 Presets
    - Wavestation = 900 Presets

    This pack is complete with artwork for each instrument, full controller mapping, tagging and database files to nicely update your User Library. Designed for Komplete Kontrol but should also work for Maschine too.


    This pack was a real pain to create as it was difficult to script a method to save the presets but I managed to crack a way that now allows the use of these fantastic instruments directly from the KK Keyboard or Maschine controllers.

    Visit the download page for full details.
  14. terrybritton

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    Vacuum Pro and Korg Legacy Collection for Komplete Kontrol:
    No-brainer --- bought both. Thanks for your excellent work!

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  15. TheAndroid

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    Hey @JesterMgee, looks like a fantastic work on the Korg Legacy Collection ! Any plan on adding the MDE-X effects ?
    Anyway I just bought it, I guess we'll be in touch by direct emails. Cheers :)
  16. JesterMgee

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    Effects aren't supported by KK so cannot do anything there
  17. TheAndroid

    TheAndroid NI Product Owner

    Oh ok, I hadn't thought about this, I'm using Maschine, not KK.
  18. Kymeia

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    That's crazy, NI Kore easily batch imports them all from KLC, third party ones too. Why is this so hard for NI to implement for bog standard fxb format preset banks?
  19. JesterMgee

    JesterMgee NI Product Owner

    No idea, I just work around it.
  20. JesterMgee

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    Users who have the Korg Legacy Collection may notice a few duplicate preset entries. This is because the 3rd party banks sometimes contain multiple pages but the user who created the banks simply copied a factory bank and used only the first page of the bank file so the subsequent pages were automatically ripped and created duplicates of the already existing factory presets.

    I will be culling these duplicate files and updating the download soon but feel free to do this yourself if you like.

    Let me know anything else you find, good or bad.
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