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Release - Overlays, Waveforms & Browser - v1.6 - Traktor S4 MK3 Screen Mod

Discussion in 'KONTROL S2 / KONTROL S4' started by Joe121, Feb 23, 2019.

  1. Joe121

    Joe121 NI Product Owner

    I now give early access to my mods on my Patreon page as well as support and development updates, link: https://www.patreon.com/traktormods

    Please use Notepad++ (Windows) or Brackets (Mac) to modify the settings file!

    Github release page: https://github.com/joe-easton/s4mk3/releases

    Version 1.6

    - Browser load time now instantaneous
    - Option to hide key in browser added to settings
    - Option to hide title column in browser added to settings
    - Option to raise the browser footer added to settings (for people who have misaligned screens)

    Link: https://www.patreon.com/posts/29831548

    Version 1.5

    - Added stem waveforms (early stages)
    - Added FX 3 and 4 on bottom overlay
    - Overlays now available on all screens (except browser)
    - Overlay Text Improvements
    - Overlays now not hidden when holding shift
    - Deck header colour fixed
    - Flashing jogwheel's fixed
    - Browser font size now affects artist text
    - Waveform marker now set to left as default
    - Waveform and flux marker's fixed on slice/freeze mode

    Link: https://www.patreon.com/posts/29576638

    Version 1.4

    - FX Overlays added - Peek by moving a knob or pressing a button, will stay on screen when buttons are enabled, hold shift to hide (toggleable in settings) (currently only viewable on track deck screen)
    - Browser Artist Display - Artist column added to browser (toggleable in settings)
    - Browser layout optimisations
    - Track deck screen layout optimisations
    - Playmarker position modifier - Option in settings to shift to the left

    Link: https://www.patreon.com/posts/29554577


    Version 1.3

    - Fixed deck letter colour in browser footer.
    - Refactored and simplified code on the track deck screen (this should mean it requires less cpu load)
    - Stripe (small waveform) now shows alternate deck or master deck when holding shift (configurable in settings).

    Link: https://www.patreon.com/posts/28769275

    Version 1.2.1

    - Browser Footer Improvements (now shows master deck letter, master BPM and master Key)
    - Browser Tree Improvements (Now displays folder data!)
    - Option to hide BPM in browser added to settings.

    Link: https://www.patreon.com/posts/update-version-1-28682526

    Version 1.2

    - Added Browser header (Browser tree information and deck letter).
    - Added Browser footer (Sort info, preview player and track number).
    - Colour Coded artist/title text in browser (green for loaded to deck, yellow for previously played, red for not analysed/no bpm and white for everything else).
    - Colour Coded bpm text in browser (green for within 3% of the master deck's bpm, yellow for over 12% from master bpm, red for no bpm and white for everything else).
    - Colour bpm text toggle-able in settings.
    - Green and red bpm text values are modifiable in settings.
    - Browser font size option added to settings.
    - Option to not show artist info in browser whilst holding shift now in settings.
    - Beatgrids have been fixed.
    - Option to hide stripe when in full waveform mode now in settings.


    Version 1.1

    - Added Moving Waveforms! (toggleable in settings)
    - Option to change waveform zoom size in settings
    - Key box now displays dark (with white text) for keylock off and bright (with black text) as to match the new system used by NI in Traktor 3.2

    Currently no ETA for public release. Available exclusively to Patreon ‘Early Access’ subscribers and above.
    Link: https://www.patreon.com/posts/28256793

    Beta v1.0

    - Browser View (toggleable in settings)

    Currently no ETA for public release. Available exclusively to Patreon ‘Early Access’ subscribers and above.
    Link: https://www.patreon.com/posts/28237454


    Beta v0.9.1

    - Fix for Traktor 3.2

    Download: https://github.com/joe-easton/s4mk3/releases/tag/beta-v0.9.1

    Beta v0.9

    For Traktor 3.2 please use beta v0.9.1!!!

    - Jogwheel flashing when track end warning is enabled (Toggleable in settings)
    - Customisable jogwheel colours for each deck
    - Beats Box (toggleable in settings, shows beat counter by default and beats to cue when holding shift
    - Option in settings to swap beats box values (swap shift and default values)
    - Option in settings to swap bpm box values (swap shift and default values)

    Download: https://github.com/joe-easton/s4mk3/releases/download/beta-v0.9.1/S4MK3-B0.9-ea.zip

    Beta v0.8.1

    - Return of the default phase meter colour as an option in settings (was previously removed due to error)
    - Fixed blue colour error in phase meter colours
    - Option in settings to display additional info in tempo box when holding shift
    - Option in settings to show the pitch fader range when holding shift
    - Option in settings to show the tempo change needed to match the master decks BPM when holding shift
    - Fix from v0.8 (early access) where the waveform stripe disappeared when holding shift

    Download: https://github.com/joe-easton/s4mk3/releases/tag/beta-v0.8.1

    BETA v0.7

    - Waveform colour for each deck can now be modified in the settings file
    - Easier install for mac users

    Download: https://github.com/joe-easton/s4mk3/releases/tag/beta-v0.7

    BETA v0.6

    - Change the LED and artist/title box colour for each deck via settings
    - Change the LED colour of each mixer FX and filter via settings
    - Change the colour of the phase meter for each deck via settings
    -Setting to toggle tempo being enabled when holding shift now available

    Note: please only use ‘true’ or ‘false’ values in the settings file unless instructed to do otherwise.

    Download: https://github.com/joe-easton/s4mk3/releases/tag/beta-v0.6


    BETA v0.5

    -Settings file added (located at: qml/Screens/Defines/Settings.qml)
    Note: please only use ‘true’ or ‘false’ values in the settings file unless instructed to do otherwise.
    -Customisable waveform colours (editable in settings)
    -Camelot Key (toggleable in settings)
    -BPM box now displays Master BPM or BPM difference when holding shift(toggleable in settings)
    -When holding shift the BPM box will turn green when the deck bpm matches the master
    -Tempo fader now enabled when holding shift to allow you to match the BPM using the BPM difference function (this setting changes the function of the controller, if needed, I can set this to toggleable in settings)
    -Elapsed time now added (disabled by default and toggleable in settings)
    -Non selected time setting displayed when holding shift
    -Waveform track end warning now toggleable in settings (enabled by default)
    -Active loop flashing colour now toggleable in settings (between red or green)

    Download: https://github.com/joe-easton/s4mk3/releases/tag/beta-v0.5

    BETA v0.4

    - Artist now displayed by holding the 'Shift' button on the controller
    - Version displayed by holding shift on empty track deck.
    - Active loop flashing now less intrusive

    Download: https://github.com/joe-easton/s4mk3/releases/tag/beta-v0.4

    Photo Credit: Revan

    BETA v0.3

    - Fixed a bug where artist text was overflowing from the header
    - Improved deck selection indicator
    - Bpm box displays as red to indicate deck bpm does not match master bpm
    - Bpm box now as a dim green when bpm is within 0.05 of the master bpm or if sync is enabled
    - Bpm box now displays as bright green to indicate which deck is the master
    - Tempo box now displays as a dim blue when tempo is not within +/- 0.05%
    - Key lock indicator now black
    - Key box now displays key changes (when applicable, to 0dp)
    - Loop box now flashes when the deck is in in an active loop
    - Phase meter size increase
    - Phase meter precision increase
    - Waveform colour tweak
    - Waveform flashing when track end warning enabled

    Download: https://github.com/joe-easton/s4mk3/releases/tag/beta-v0.3

    Photo Credit: Native Instruments

    BETA v0.2

    - added phase meters
    - tweaked background colour slightly

    Download: https://github.com/joe-easton/s4mk3/releases/tag/beta-v0.2


    BETA v0.1

    - added tempo display
    - added artist field
    - added key colours
    - added key lock indicator
    - changed waveforms to a similar style to spectrum (RGB)
    - increased waveform size
    - added background colour to correspond to the current deck in use
    - added sync on/off indicator (BPM box changes to green)
    - tempo box changes to blue when tempo is within -0.05% and 0.05% (similar to how the light works next to the tempo fader)

    Download: https://github.com/joe-easton/s4mk3/releases/tag/beta-v0.1


    Last edited: Sep 9, 2019
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  2. Tijn71

    Tijn71 NI Product Owner

    Nice work. Thank you very much.
  3. Joe121

    Joe121 NI Product Owner

    No problem! Let me know if you encounter any issues.

    If you installed it, may I ask if you were using windows or mac? I had one person on Facebook yesterday say that it didn’t work with High Sierra but I don’t have a mac to test with unfortunately.

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Tijn71

    Tijn71 NI Product Owner

    I'm using Window. Up until now no problems.
  5. Joe121

    Joe121 NI Product Owner

    Perfect, I’ve not encountered any issues either in the 4 sets I’ve had this week. It shouldn’t cause any crashes as there is not really anything complex happening, just displaying things that are already available to view.

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  6. Tekken

    Tekken NI Product Owner

    Very Nice! What about removing the artist line again and adding the phase meter instead? (the artist is in my opinion not so important)
    The background colors haven't exacly the right color hue. (blue needs to be a little more deep blue and the yellow needs to be bit more deep orange).
  7. Joe121

    Joe121 NI Product Owner

    I have added artist data as it has been requested by a few users, I may already have the code for a phase meter, I’ll see what I can do.

    The colours were just thrown together last minute so I will tweak them for the next release.
  8. Joe121

    Joe121 NI Product Owner

    V0.2 is out now

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Joe121

    Joe121 NI Product Owner

    Beta v0.3 is out now.
  10. Rick Adorno

    Rick Adorno New Member

    This is awesome I have added this to my Traktor. Now I have a Question? Is there any way to change the color of the wheels?
    Instead of Blue & Yellow to Blue & Red?
  11. Joe121

    Joe121 NI Product Owner

    Glad to hear you are enjoying the hack. I’ve considered adding flashing to those lights when the track end warning is active (similar to Pioneer CDJ’s), however, I feel all the settings for the LED’s are coded in the firmware. If this is the case, it’s going to be pretty much impossible to modify.

    I will look into it at some point but my current high priority is Camelot Key, a settings file to allow the user to modify aspects of the layout to suit their needs, scrolling text for the header and possibly album art also.

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. OscarD

    OscarD NI Product Owner

    Hi, just to let you know, I'm a member of the NI S4mk3 insights community and the idea of changing the colour of the jog wheel, especially for track end warning, has been raised. I have no idea if they will implement it, but this and many other great ideas have been suggested.
  13. Joe121

    Joe121 NI Product Owner

    It is something that has been brought to my attention although I feel the lights are being run from the controller rather than from Traktor, meaning to change the colours you would have to modify the firmware of the controller. I may be wrong though!

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  14. Joe121

    Joe121 NI Product Owner

    Could you possibly link me to the community? Would be good to get some insights on what could be added.

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. gillster11

    gillster11 NI Product Owner

    Now that you mention the jogs flashing I've used a mapping for this controller with another source which won't mention on here and in there mapping the jog led flash when coming near end of track also one jog is red the other blue
  16. Tijn71

    Tijn71 NI Product Owner

    Very nice layout but unfortunately I had to remove v0.3 because the flashing green/red when a loop is active gave me a bad headache, it is just too fast. Maybe let is flash just in green and at a slower pace.
    And in my case the bpm box is always red (doesn't bother me). But I do not use sync or the auto setting. See screenshot.
    Thanks for the good work.

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  17. DJ Flex I

    DJ Flex I NI Product Owner

    wow.. that looks much better than the original!
    great work :)
  18. Aleksandr *GARUDA* Zubov

    Aleksandr *GARUDA* Zubov NI Product Owner

  19. Revan

    Revan NI Product Owner

    Just realised i was a version behind, this latest release is a whole lot cleaner looking.

    Brilliant work. :thumbsup:
  20. Sûlherokhh

    Sûlherokhh NI Product Owner

    This is both beautiful and much more useful than the factory files. Hats off to you. :thumbsup: