Released: Play Series: Lo-Fi Glow

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  1. Mick @ NI

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    The fuzz of tape. The dirt of distortion. When sounds get a little rougher, something magical happens – that’s LO-FI GLOW. To create this instrument, vintage synths, keys, organs, guitars, and bass, were recorded in the highest quality, then processed through effects pedals, tape decks, and samplers like the SP-404 – resulting in distinctive sounds for instant lo-fi melodics. LO-FI GLOW also comes with powerful tools under the hood – from custom effects chains to macro editing – so you can quickly sculpt your own tones.

    Expertly crafted by the folks over at MSX Audio!

    More info + sound examples:
  2. Mick @ NI

    Mick @ NI Banaholic NI Team

  3. corbo-billy

    corbo-billy NI Product Owner

    Sorry but I don't have the impression to have, to hear sounds with LO-FI characters: it would rather be sound effects, FX of contemporary music (dub, hip-hop).
    A more corrosive and industrial aspect would be welcome but absent from the audio examples; But I could be wrong ... ;)
    For example:
  4. EvilDragon

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    It is indeed geared more towards contemporary music styles that you mentioned rather than corrosive/industrial aspect. :)
  5. Tony Jones

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    It's a few months later — are many people using this? I'm wishing I'd paid more attention when it launched as I see it goes one step further in terms of ability to shape sound than Modular Icons.

    Thoughts? Worth watching out for in any summer sale?