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New Remix Deck "is_loaded" state

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Aleix Jiménez, Oct 28, 2021.

  1. Aleix Jiménez

    Aleix Jiménez Active Member

    Good afternoon,

    Bug Description
    If you load/capture a sample to an empty remix deck, the "is_loaded" property doesn't switch to true. (Check attached pictures)

    Steps to reproduce the issue
    1. Switch a non-remix deck to Remix deck
    2. Load/capture a sample to any of the 16 active cells.
    3. (Optional) Play them to make sure that your remix deck has "content" --> "is loaded" with samples
    4. Check with the development property inspector how the property "app.traktor.decks.X.is_loaded" doesn't switch to 1 (true)
    5. Now load a whole Remix set (You can even save the previously created remix set to see the difference even more clearly)
    6. Check again with the development property inspector how the property now it has switched to 1 (true)
    Expected behavior
    The app property switches to 1 (true) when any sample of the remix set (or at least of the active sample page) isn't empty, no matter how it got loaded (stored Remix Set vs new Remix Set created by loading/capturing/dropping new samples to the cells)

    New remix set:
    New remix + capture:load individual samples.png

    Stored + loaded remix set:
    Load whole remix set.png
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