Remix Decks Triggering out of time when Sync'd and Quantized

Discussion in 'Archive' started by DJEndo, Jun 13, 2019.

  1. DJEndo

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    Hey All,

    Apologies if this is a false alarm, and for the briefness with this bug report (I'm in a rush to get back to my class), but I noticed something today when grading my Traktor Class's Remix Decks.

    I noticed that when a Remix Deck is Sync'd, Quantize is on, and the Samples are set to be a Loop, and Sync is turned on for the sample, I can still trigger them off beat. If I trigger them offbeat, they will be triggered offbeat.

    The behavior should be if Sync (Deck), Sync (Sample), Quantize are all on (quantize is set to 4), you shouldn't be able to trigger the sample offbeat.

    Did anyone else experience this? This Remix deck was made with homemade samples copied from another track deck. If it's a false alarm, let me know, but this happened to me a couple of times today, so I'm not sure why I'm able to trigger samples off beat when everything is Sync'd and Quantized.

    If it's a false alarm, feel free to throw this thread in the , but I wanted to mention it before I forgot!
  2. Sûlherokhh

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    Did you make sure that the Sequencer for the deck is off?
  3. Friedemann @ NI

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    Hey Mike - would be great if you could follow up on this once you are back.