Replika problem.

Discussion in 'STUDIO FX' started by emperor12, Apr 30, 2016.

  1. emperor12

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    Anyone have a problem with Replika? Anytime I turn a knob with my mouse it goes crazy and I have no control over it just goes all the way up and down.
  2. LBH

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  3. Freddie H

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    Replika 1.3.0 - Windows 10 x64, - Cubase 8.5.15 x64, NVIDIA driver 365.10

    Issue 1.

    1. Insert the VST Replika.

    2. Make some settings in the plugin.

    3. Close the GUI of Replika.

    4. Now open up the GUI of Replika again.

    5. Notice that all the graphical representation of your settings are now gone? Also notice that "Phaser" always get stuck and selected always?

    6. Save the Cubase Project and close Cubase 8,5.

    7. Relaunch Cubase 8.5 and open the previous saved Project that contains the saved Replika plugin.

    8. Open up the GUI of Replika again.

    9. Notice now that the correct graphical representation of your settings are shown correctly until you edit Replika again.

    Issue 2.

    I have also notice using "Filter-mode", makes a weird Auto-panning effect in "Normal"- "Wide" and "Pin-pong" mode?
    Its cool effect but this side effect are not really attended by the programmers. It's a weird bug.
  4. compactus

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    Don't have any of your issues with cubase 8.5
    Try the demo of replika xt and see if there's the same behaviour...
  5. askewd

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    I can confirm these issues, using bitwig studio.

    Open replika, make changes, close plugin gui reopen gui - settings reverted. :( currently unusable.
  6. Kymeia

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    Not seeing this in BWS on Mac.