Replika XT Duck only works when sensitivity is 70 the least?

Discussion in 'STUDIO FX' started by themachinelt, Aug 7, 2018.

  1. themachinelt

    themachinelt NI Product Owner

    Hi there,

    so i have K11 ultimate for a while but never dig deep in to Replika XT as i was using mostly echoboy and i noticed something weird.

    No matter what i do, no matter what DAW is FL Studio or Studio One, Ducking only is being activated when Sensitivity is set to 70 and above. This is so strange, why is that? is that a bug? Also when its activated it doesnt work straight, but it seems like its buffered upfront and works every 4 beats. This doesnt sound like normal behaviour, especialy when comparing to ColourCopy by U-He wich gives instant proper ducking.

    Other then that Replika XT is a huge CPU hog.
  2. Michael Arthur Holloway

    Michael Arthur Holloway NI Product Owner

    The Sensitivity knob is essentially a threshold knob, determining how loud the audio going into the device needs to be before ducking is triggered. If you're not getting any ducking below 70, this simply means that audio entering the device isn't loud enough to trigger the ducking. Try turning the input up and see if the ducking kicks in -- I'm guessing it will. It's also possible the knob scales exponentially, which may mean that lower settings are unlikely to be relevant, not sure though.