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Request for a better request-engine

Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by kallekenkel, Aug 28, 2013.

  1. kallekenkel

    kallekenkel NI Product Owner

    I've read many feature requests lately.. Most of them can be categorized as
    • Too unspecific ("a better search function")
    • Too wide ("a better UI")
    • Too hateful ("Traktor is crap, Serato is much better")
    • Too repetitive ("colors in browser")
    • Too personal (shared by no- or a very low number of users)

    Then there are some which are really cool, and they receive a lot of "+1" replies. I feel those really good requests unfortunately don't get the attention they deserve. After a few days, they may disappear from page 1 and be forgotten.

    I feel a forum is not really the best "forum" for feature requests. So this is a feature request to introduce a better feature request engine. A tool like getsatisfaction would allow NI to get a sense of how many backers there are to a request.

    • Too unspecific requests could get a "please clarify" flag.
    • Too wide, too hateful or too repetitive requests could be closed.
    • Too personal requests would disappear (not enough backers).
      And last but not least, the top reuqests would rise to the surface.

    This could turn out to be a win-win:
    +++ Users feel that their requests are taken more seriously
    +++ NI would get a very good indication on what features they thould put their programmers behind.

    How would other users or the mods feel about this? Something we could bring to NI?
  2. AudiFreq

    AudiFreq NI Product Owner

    Too personal
  3. NReek

    NReek NI Product Owner

    anything in this sense would be greatly apreciated, at least by me. i opened this thread for the same reasons some time ago.

    so... +1

    that's what we are able to say by now, right?

  4. kallekenkel

    kallekenkel NI Product Owner

    Ah look at that NReek .. Basically the same idea we two had! I really wish NI would implement something like it.
  5. NReek

    NReek NI Product Owner


    i wish they did it as well.

    you see, the post has around 2 years and not a single reply. it's weird it wasn't closed.

    i guess NI struggles between something like that (i'd think it's always good for a company to have a trustful and well organized stream of information about their customer's feedback about the products they make) and the secrecy behind their every decision and move.

    either way, i am sure that other DJ software companies do review the technical issues and feature requests at traktor forums to gather info about what their main competitor lacks and 'fails'...

    having something like that for technical issues as well, would save many of the posts that have simple or already solved issues. sometimes it can be very difficult to find if somebody already has had the issue you are looking for a solution, since the ways to express the same thing are prone to be different.

    i imagine that, somehow as a mix between the current knowledge base and the forum. users can submit new issues, can help add details to the description, can vote diferent aspects on non-solved issues, development can measure how many people is suffering a given issue and so priorize what's to be addressed first, can state they are working on it (or not), etc, etc, etc.
  6. kallekenkel

    kallekenkel NI Product Owner

    Yeah, generally NI are not very good at social interaction with their users.. I think the products are awesome.. marketing communication, pricing etc. are superb!

    In some (very limited) regards you could compare NI to Apple. Great products, great marketing, but rather secretive and not good at social at all. Although I reckon there is real potential in having an active & involved user base.

    Not just the feature request system - But think of a mapping-sharing community with a good rating model, or a good video platform.. Not directly profit centres for the company, but it would really increase customer loyalty and brand reputation.

    Maybe we should build something (like traktorbible on steroids), and then hope to be bought by NI :)