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Responding to questions in the UL

Discussion in 'REAKTOR' started by Chet Singer, Jan 16, 2019.

  1. Chet Singer

    Chet Singer NI Product Owner

    Occasionally people ask me questions about my instruments while posting comments in the UL. And those questions sit there for days, weeks, or even months because I don't regularly click on my own instruments.

    I feel bad about that because sometimes I could've been helpful, and now they've probably stopped looking for an answer. Is there a way to be notified when someone comments so that I can respond to questions?
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  2. Ken88

    Ken88 NI Product Owner

    Very good point. And some people (including me) have different user names in the forum and user library, so it can be very confusing.
    I wish that NI merged the forum and library databases
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  3. colB

    colB NI Product Owner


    All you can do is leave a message asking folks to post any questions or requests to the forum.
    NI should really get this sorted out. No reason I can think of why we shouldn't be able to receive notifications if someone posts a comment on one of our UL pages.
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  4. Thala

    Thala NI Product Owner

    my guess is they cant merge, since everybody can create an forum account. asking questions about a product before buying for example.
    the ul is for reaktor users only...
    sad story needs to be fixed since years :(

    edit: reaktor... not reason.
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  5. ZooTooK

    ZooTooK NI Product Owner

    We've asked for this like 10 years ago.... still waiting...
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  6. Paule

    Paule NI Product Owner

    It was here like Colin wrote - in the old U/L!
  7. ZooTooK

    ZooTooK NI Product Owner

  8. Vincent jogia

    Vincent jogia New Member

    Hi native intruments,
    I’ve been using komplete for a few years now, but I read that from 31st may 2020 onwards, a range products from komplete will be unable to download into my new computer, what if I update the newest version komplete, would I still be able to access the old range komplete products into my new computer?