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Retriggering Sample Decks

Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by DjStrategy, Nov 10, 2010.

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  1. DjStrategy

    DjStrategy NI Product Owner

    I'd wish for N.I. to upgrade the "play" option of the sampledecks when in oneshot-mode (pretty sure though it's the same with loopmode)!
    If i wanna retrigger a sample I have to hit the samplebutton three times as, pressing it once starts the sample, pressing it a second time stops the sampleplayback and hitting it a third time starts the sample again.

    This makes fast retriggering/drumming of samples impossible.
    I'd wish they have an option so that hitting the samplepad a second time would simply cut off the playing sample and retrigger it (just like it is the case with all other samplers I have used so far (N.I. Maschine, Roland SP 303/404, Akai MPD 500/1000)!
  2. koopa

    koopa NI Product Owner

    Switch your controller to deck c / d (wherever you want to smash the samples). Now you can retrigger samples by pressing 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 after they're started with the play button.
  3. DjStrategy

    DjStrategy NI Product Owner

    Yes, I realize that is a workaround, but seriously one should be able to retrigger samples + what if I want to trigger samples whilst mixing and using cuepoints for decks A&B? After all that's what the sampledecks or DJ-samplers are mostly intended for!;)
  4. Fraa

    Fraa Forum Member

    I don't see them changing that.

    A lot of people have different request and so far I've only seen about 5-6 really good requests. If they do this and it works it for you, nice. But considering the work that has been put into the current default mapping, I only see them changing the real problems. Minor things like these can be worked around with a user mapping.
  5. DjStrategy

    DjStrategy NI Product Owner

    @ JuG - Sorry but, this is not a mapping problem, it has nothing to do with mapping, but simply a changing of the playstate code is needed.
    This behaviour is possible with machine as well as with cuepoint play on regular decks, so N.I. already has the knowhow!
    I'm guessing it's just something they hadn't thought of!

    The sampledecks were and are the new "wow"-feature (together with the looprecorder) and to be frank they are missing several things that should have been included (f.ex. keylock - but that's another issue).
    I have been sampling/cratediggin as well as programming drums for years and a sampler without a decent retrigger option is just no good!

    Don't get me wrong I love the S4, but being that users have waited/requested for N.I. to build a sampler for their DJ-software ever since Final Scratch, this one is simply coming up a bit short!
  6. Marvelles

    Marvelles Forum Member


    is a must to play fast drums or other samples
  7. NReek

    NReek NI Product Owner


    at least, let us choose which way we want it to operate, considering the most common 2 or 3 use cases.

    for example:

    1 - as it is now. pressing plays sample, pressing again brings sample to the begining, pressing play again plays sample.

    2 - play acts like a cup, to pause press while holding shift.

    3 - play acts like a cue, only plays while button is hold (deck c/d mode with hotcues)

  8. Stober

    Stober New Member


    I would really appreciate that
  9. crucialsplash

    crucialsplash New Member

    +1 pleeeease!
  10. DJ#tag

    DJ#tag New Member

    +1 Please. Really want this functionality
  11. bighk9

    bighk9 Forum Member

  12. raequan

    raequan New Member

    ok i may have crossed into some thing..... i also bought a Denon MC-6000 and i used Denon's tsi for four decks. with the most if the mapping done for me i decided to take a crack at the sample deck.

    in the control manager when the denon is plugged in and chose the MC-6000 as your new controller. I clicked add in and found sample deck. which lead me to the mapping sample trigger. i mapped to the sample player section of the MC-6000 and bingo it stutters. It is possible to stutter but not stutter play you have to hold the button till the sample finishes.

    NI i hope you can open the configurations in the S4 software it self so i can do this to my S4 coontroller.

    this is perfect for my DJ drops i have.

    i hope i helped some else here.

    here is a lil video i did.

    Last edited: Dec 26, 2010
  13. DJ Antonio

    DJ Antonio Forum Member

    Same here. I was surprised that the sample decks don't automatically reset back to the beginning and start playing again each time you hit the play button. It inhibits you from using the sample deck for drums, stuttering vocal samples etc.
  14. DjStrategy

    DjStrategy NI Product Owner

    And switching to deck C/D doesn't solve my problem either due to the fact that when using the cuebuttons the sample only plays as long as you hold them down and when using the playbuttons....well same issue as previously stated! :(
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