Rhythmic Robot release DARK MACHINE – brooding ex-Soviet synth for Kontakt

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    Hey folks,

    Hope Monday's treating you well so far :confused: To cheer you up (or perhaps scare you witless?) in these dark times, here's Dark Machine – a uniquely strange Kontakt instrument sampled from a malfunctioning handbuilt ex-Soviet synthesizer dating from, we would guess, around 1970. Leaking capacitors, intermittent keyboard contacts, cracked solder tracks and wonky tuning are all part of the fun here. With 19 oscillators to play with, there's a surprising amount of power too.


    We have of course bolted some serious functionality onto this frankly bizarre starting point, including sync-able LFOs, a comprehensive Filter section (including HPFs on two of the oscillator banks), an intelligent detuning control which affects not just the tuning between banks 1, 2 and 3 but also oscillator drift within banks; tons of effects and modulation options on their own pane; and of course our famous Glitch Control, which generates musically-intelligent randomised patches with a single click 8) The result is lots of expressive depth if you want to roll your sleeves up, plus instant gratification if you don't :D


    Dark Machine is out now at a launch discount of 20% off the list price. You can hear it in action, and read more about it, here:

    Dark Machine for Kontakt

    Happy music making!
    The Professor (and Mongo)