Ripping Vinyl via AUDIO 6 SUCKS

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    Hello everyone
    This is my first post so apologises if it has been posted before (I searched in the Forum but I didn’t find satisfying answer to this)
    I’m using Traktor Scratch Pro with Timecode Vinyl for about a month and I love it, spending hours playing and sorting my tunes database. I still in the process of ripping my vinyl collection, however the quality and sound when using TT connected via Audio 6 is below satisfactory. Real vinyl playback is flat and quiet. Plus my wife would like to play her records as well when I’m not here to help her reconnecting/connecting my laptop to Audio 6 and changing settings in Audio Control Panel. I managed to achieve good sound and quality after changing cables and settings to Phono connections via Thru Mode but when playing Timecoded Vinyl in Traktor Direct Mode I have message saying Low Sound Input , Check Your Connection or something like that.
    I know the Multicore Cables is the solution to play real vinyl without laptop hooked up and running and I need to buy two sets for each TT but TBH they look like budget quality RCA cables! I use high quality Qunex QED Perfomance cables for ripping and playing my vinyl at the best quality so my concern is it wouldn’t be much in use after buying these Multicore cables. How you people rip your vinyl then , let me know :0
    My set up: 2 Stanton STR-100 Turntables, Numark PPD01 Mixer, MacBook Pro, NI Audio 6, Edirol FA-66 soundcard, Traktor Scratch Pro 2
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    No answer? Nobody plays real vinyl here anymore? I must have joined wrong forum then ...
  3. wapperen

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    i have an audio 8 dj, and i often use it for ripping vinyl. BUT do not forget to fiddle with the PHONO INPUT GAIN SETTINGS, you can find these in your audio 6 control panel app. Often you have to boost the levels with 6/12 dB!

    I assume that you correctly connected your cables and use the phono inputs of your audio 6....

    Good luck,

    gr Henri
  4. Anti-Skating

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    If you’re worried about the cable quality, you can achieve the exact same thing as Multi Core using splitters for your RCA cable of choice.

    But like Wapperen said, you probably really need to crank up the gains from the software.
  5. Vinyl Tap

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    Also - it’s not “real vinyl” once you rip it...
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    Thanks guys. I ordered a pair of Multicore cables, this is the only solution as I miss power of phono input. Cranking up makes awful sounds as my mixer is quite old .
  7. scampooo

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    The build in phono preamp is cheap and sounds weak. That's the answer. If you want to record your vinyl collection get a dedicated quality phono preamp or buy a good mixer. I can recommend Pro-Ject Phono Box S or S2. The price is reasonable and they sound fantastic. You can even match the preamp settings to your phono cartridge to achieve optimal sound.