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Routing midi drum data from Ableton to Maschine Standalone?

Discussion in 'MASCHINE Area' started by Hotbox, May 14, 2019.

  1. Hotbox

    Hotbox New Member

    I've been building a template to link Ableton with Maschine 2 Standalone into a cohesive workflow. So far I've had great success but I've run into some issues along the way.

    My latest mission is to have Ableton pick up on the midi data from my MK3 while I jam out in Maschine 2. I then employ abletons capture feature to grab parts of my freestyle jam without having to hit record in Maschine. Essentially this means I jam out on the MK3 until I hit a nice melody and then I press capture in Ableton. This takes whatever I was playing and makes it into a midi clip (in Ableton). This data is then sent out of Ableton through a virtual midi port back into Maschine 2! Voila.So far it is working great except I can only get it to work with instruments that you play in the keyboard or chords tab, like synths or sounds. When it comes to drum kits (which are played in pad mode) I can get the midi data in and out of Ableton fine but when being played back, the midi data hits only a single pads or every pad at once.

    Does anybody have a fix for this? I'd be eternally grateful. Once I've ironed out these kinks I'd be happy to upload both my Maschine and Ableton templates along with a guide on how I do my internal midi and audio routing
  2. Hotbox

    Hotbox New Member

    Ok so I figured it out.

    Load your drum kit. Right click on it, select Group MIDI Batch Setup and click Sounds to MIDI notes.

    Create a virtual midi port and send midi output through it on your kits sound level.

    Load a drum rack in Ableton then add an external instrument to 16 of the pads.
    Make sure this channel is receiving on the same virtual channel that your Maschine 2 drum kit is outputting.

    We then create another virtual midi port(2) and set each external instrument to output on a different Ch. from 1 thru 16. (replicating your Maschine Pads)

    Finally, in Maschine 2 you will set your drum kit to receive midi input on the sound level from your Virtual midi port 2. Go through each pad from 1 thru 16 assigning each a different value that corresponds to your external instrument output in Ableton.

    When done successfully Ableton will pick up on what you play on Maschine and with a little bit of clicking you can then send this midi info back into Maschine 2 from Ableton! There are some feedback loops that come into play so make sure you have THRU enabled in Maschine and be smart.

    (If you want your midi settings to persist when loading another kit simply apply these settings to an empty Group in Maschine 2 and when loading a new kit onto it make sure +routings is unselected.)

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