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Routing question - route battery cells to maschine multi output

Discussion in 'Technical Issues (Archive)' started by pfokus, Jun 3, 2012.

  1. pfokus

    pfokus NI Product Owner

    Hello -

    I must say getting to know and understand how to use Maschine with various DAWs has been a challenge, but we are getting closer to understanding most of what we need to use it in our production setup.

    Latest version of OSX, Logic Pro, Maschine, Komplete 8, Metric Halo 2882+DSP interface


    When using Maschine as a plugin inside Logic I have learned how one can split "Sounds" in maschine to different outputs (Auxes in logic) and this works fine.
    The problem in this scenario is that the instrument running as the "Sound" in Maschine is Battery3, and I can't figure out how to route individual cells to individual Maschine outputs.

    What we want is to use maschine as a software plugin inside Logic, and have each of the battery cells routed to different Aux Outs so we can apply different effects to kicks, snares, toms, etc individually then route them to a bus and glue them more together.

    This is where I have problems.

    I was messing with the "Sound" output in Maschine and not the group out and can send the Battery "sound" out various Logic Aux busses but only 1 from this view, but can't see how to split the individual battery cells/hits, so I went into battery and clicked on my first kick drum sound. i went to the setup and changed it's output to output 3/4, but I could never catch the audio again until I changed the cell in battery back to the master output.
    Is this possible to do? Have a kit running inside Battery which is inside Maschine send individual hits to different maschine outputs?

    Thanks in advance everyone.
    If there is a previous thread covering this I wasn't able to find it when searching.
  2. pfokus

    pfokus NI Product Owner

    ? wanted to move this back to the top to see if anyone had an answer :)

  3. sowari

    sowari Moderator Moderator

    sorry, but at the moment we cannot route separate Battery Cells to Individual Maschine Outputs :(

    maybe put in a feature request.

    a workaround would be to expert the MIDI File from Maschine into Logic, load a Multi Out version of Battery into Logic and then map the Cells to separate outs.

  4. topaz

    topaz NI Product Owner

    This relates to my previous post, multi out plugin support is a much needed function.