Running audio through one monitor via my Komplete Audio 6 interface?

Discussion in 'NI Audio Interfaces' started by chicorubio, Jan 11, 2019.

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    UPDATE: I figured it out. I was using a different TRS cable (I have two for some reason) that WASN'T connected to the monitor lol. Now that I've actually connected to the monitor, it's playing like normal. I'll leave this up for anyone else who ever has this issue in the future. It's possible!

    I've connected my single Sterling MX5 to my Komplete Audio 6 interface using a TRS to TRS cable. On the back of the interface, it has two of these jacks, one for the left monitor and one for the right of course. However, I only have access to one monitor and was hoping to be able to play all my audio through it until I am able to get a second monitor.

    I see that there is a "mono" switch underneath where it says monitor, so I press it and nothing happens. What I at least thought would happen is that stereo audio would play out of this speaker and that it would sound weird since it'd only be playing one side. But no sound comes out, at all. I even tried plugging in the TRS cable into the headphone jack and that at least produced some sound, even though it was very distorted.

    I'm wondering if the interface requires two monitors to be able to actually play any audio whatsoever, or if there is a possible solution to play audio through one monitor. Please let me know if I am missing a cable or something!

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