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S2/S4 MK3 Custom Mapping

Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by dSquare, Nov 1, 2018.

  1. dSquare

    dSquare NI Product Owner

    I just got my new S2 MK3 and was very disappointed to realize that it had no support for custom mapping. I realize this is my own fault for not fully reading the FAQ, but I beg of NI to implement this feature. Not everyone's style is the same, and customization was one of the biggest draws of past controllers such as the X1 (which I remapped almost completely and thoroughly enjoyed).

    There's SO much potential with this controller but it's stifled by the lack of custom mapping, which is a shame. I love the design of the hardware, but in using it I feel like I'm fighting against it because I'm forced to use it in a particular way that isn't natural or intuitive to me.

    I know I'm not the only one missing the ability to remap this controller, so I really hope having customization closed off isn't a new direction NI is going with controllers, and will be added soon.
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  2. william fickes

    william fickes NI Product Owner

    I’ve read on DJ tech tools and a few other places that NI is planning on adding mapping abilities, as well as standalone mixer capabilities in the near future.

    Though, I was also disappointed to learn this. I’ve gotten around it for now by mapping the functions I used to have mapped to my controller to the keyboard and a foot pedal.
  3. -Yul-

    -Yul- NI Product Owner

    For me, at least, part of Traktor's DNA (an by extension the related hardware) is the mapping system.
    The Mk3 not offering this opportunity, I just didn't buy it like I didn't buy either the S8 or S5 (bearing in mind I desperately needed an update on a S4mk1). I vote with my wallet.
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  4. djdunkle

    djdunkle NI Product Owner

    I likewise can't see spending this kind of money and losing non-midi mapping capabilities. Traktor has over time been very stingy in extending their mapping features (for example we are still limited to 8 modifiers and 2 conditions per mapping entry only), which "barely works" for any kind of a comprehensive mapping.

    My S4 MK2 mapping at https://traktorbible.com/freaks/mappingview.aspx?id=192 has been adapted for TP Pro 3.

    You could spend a good deal less for a near to top of the line sound card like at:
    for this fine Focusroite offering (which should well out perform the MK3 onboard), and thus get a major benefit of the MK3 for a good deal less, whilst keeping your mapping capabilities. Hopefully Traktor will prioritize that they have an important sophisticated user market share that is not happy with a default controller arrangement.
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  5. Daniel Broadhurst

    Daniel Broadhurst New Member

    I fully agree with this as not everyone wants the controllers exactly the same setup. A couple of tweaks here and there and this S2 MK3 would be an amazing controller for me to work with.

    I can work with the on board effects and they're better than I expected but the fact I have zero control over the native effects is a bit of a pain. I have mapped some keyboard shortcuts for now. But I do not use the Rev button what so ever, why can't I map that to control and effect.

    Come NI, let us be creative with this hardware.
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  6. DaveTraktorExpert

    DaveTraktorExpert New Member

    Is there any anwser about this matter from Ni ?? I won't buy the S4 mk3 without midimapping.
  7. Scoox

    Scoox NI Product Owner

    Same boat here. After trying to decide bewteen VirtualDJ, Rekordbox and Traktor 3 over the past couple of weeks and giving VirtualDJ a very good go, today I've come to the conclusion that at this point in time none of these options is perfect but Traktor is the best all-rounder for my needs. This decision has nothing to do with the fact that Traktor 2 has been my choice of DJ software since late 2012. In fact, I've been quite amazed by some of the features in both VirtualDJ and Rekordbox, but the fact is I need to make a choice and it's Traktor.

    Naturaly my attention has been drawn to the new S4 mk3 controller. After looking through video reviews and the user manual, I conclude it's a very nice controller but there are aspects of the factory mapping I'd like to customise. If that's not possible, I cannot justify the expense and would rather stick with my current modular set-up. I'm mainly interested in the convenience of the all-in-one form factor and the jogwheels. My current set-up has no jogwheels and I kinda miss them.
  8. Daniel Broadhurst

    Daniel Broadhurst New Member

    Update 3.0.2 released seems to have added custom mapping.
  9. x9sim9

    x9sim9 New Member

    Can anyone confirm that custom mapping works? Also are there any limitations, as I have heard that many buttons could not be remapped on other NI controllers. I spent alot of time customizing my S4 MK2, want that level of flexibility with the MK3...
  10. Daniel Broadhurst

    Daniel Broadhurst New Member

    I have set up some custom controls on the S2 MK3 and they work fine. The only thing that did not work for me is that I wanted to set the Sample Volume knob to work like a button and it told me that this wasn't possible. Which is understandable really.
  11. djdunkle

    djdunkle NI Product Owner

    Yes it looks like in 3.0.2 you can add mapping entries against an S4 MK3 in controller editor. There is no longer a differentiation between "User" (user-only i.e. no defaults) and "Default" (i.e. default setting which can be added to or overridden) style mappings. Rather the mapping is effectively a default style which you can then add to.
    Hopefully there will be some means to import work done on S4 MK2 into this scheme, but otherwise this seems to fill the important gap in being able to do a non-midi mapping for S4 MK3. Thanks NI!
  12. Djay144

    Djay144 New Member

    I've done the same: mapped A side of the FX unit only and it works fine for me.

    Gain for fx knob, and sample for dry/wet. and rev and flux for FX trigger.

    Share if you have more ideas
  13. tslays

    tslays NI Product Owner

    What I did last night, was to map to missing functionality for the FX Units 1 and 2 on the S4 that I had on the X1.
    First I set up two modifiers in a hold mode. Modifier 1 is the left shift button and modifier 2 is the right shift button.
    Then I added the missing functions that I can access when pressing and holding shift (either on the left or right deck):

    1. Change the type from group to single and back (toggle with the button under dry/wet)
    2. Select the effect that you want with the knobs 2, 3 and 4 in each FX unit (knob 2 would select the effect in case of a single FX unit)