S4 Mk3: relative mode not working properly ; Cue Mix not precise

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    Hi Techsupport,

    Relative Mode is not working the way it should on the s4 mk3. With my old s4 mk2 i could move to the whole bpm spectrum with 8 % pitch. Once i reached the end of the pitch fader, i pressed shift and went with the fader to either top or down so i´d have space for further pitching.
    With the new s4 this isn´t possbile anymore. You only can acces the whole bpm spectrum if you set the pitch to 100%. But this means the pitch moves in super high increments.

    The other Problem is the cue mix. With my s4 mk2 i had the cue mix in the center. This way i could hear the mix as if both channels would be playing.
    With the s4mk3 instead this is not working. If you have the cue mix centered, the track you are fading in is way louder than in the cue mix. I think you have to move the cue mix around 3 points to the left to have a somewhat accurate headphone mix. Sadly i cant really check because ni has disabled the cue mix in the software once i plug in the s4 mk3.

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