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S4 with two F1 or one and one X1

Discussion in 'KONTROL F1' started by M-D-A, May 18, 2012.

  1. M-D-A

    M-D-A Forum Member

    Hello all,
    I currently have an S4 and plan to get an F1. I thought about getting two F1s but now I'm thinking of getting an F1 and an X1 instead. What r ur opinions? I've never used an x1.
  2. ekwipt

    ekwipt NI Product Owner

    If you want 3 decks and one remix deck it would be cool
  3. DJ Freshfluke

    DJ Freshfluke Traktor Mod Moderator

    if you already have an s4 i dont see sense in getting an X1 additionally, while a F1 does make sense and adds value.
  4. zephry

    zephry NI Product Owner

    If the x1 is set up mainly for fx controls and your 1 uncontrolled deck I say woohoo.
  5. PhilL

    PhilL Moderator Moderator

    I would say make a list of the functions you want to run and then work out which controllers you need to get there...
  6. davscanlon

    davscanlon NI Product Owner

    What he said, you may find that you only need F1 and S4 to control the basics and go mapping crazy on the X1 for FX and other cool added features.

    How many remix decks do you want will answer how many F1's you need.
  7. Pjotr123

    Pjotr123 NI Product Owner

    Imagine: 1 sampledeck, 4 players with 16 sampleslots each... I just played around with the F1 in this setup. Quite a hasle to find your way. 2 sampledecks? 128 sampleslots? You can easiliy switch from one sampledeck to another. For me a single F1 is more than sufficient, together with Maschine and S4.
  8. Russ_

    Russ_ New Member

    If you have the S4 I'd recommend grabbing an F1. The F1 kicks the sh* out of the S4 sample deck control and really compliments the S4. You can toggle the F1 between two remix decks also, but if you want full control over both sample decks at the same time you will need the two F1s and probably a USB hub. The F1 is a lot of fun, the biggest problem now is finding/making your own samples to populate the 64 slots on each deck.
  9. fresnobob

    fresnobob Forum Member

    i have S4, 2 x F1, plus an X1.
    right now the x1 mostly sits around looking good,
    but maybe thats because the F1s have more of a learning
    curve and are new.
    ive been trying (not very hard) to find a way to use
    x1 for remix decks and s4 on board controls for A & B.
    in preferences if i change the X1 to C&D nothin happens.
    ideally though that would be monstrous.
    i would suggest 2 f1s have more potential
  10. ihavequestions

    ihavequestions Forum Member

    phil could u help me with my kontrol x1 seems to be not recognizes i saw a post u did talking about it and u might be my solution
    my computer doesn't recognize the device check this

    check this thread
    kontrol X1 not working updated version and traktor pro 2.6.0

  11. Theo Void

    Theo Void NI Product Owner

    I use an s2 for a b then an x1 for c d. EQ and play and loop and all that for my c remix deck which I have an f1 for. then I use D mostly to capture samples but conrol it with the other side of my x1. honestly I think s2, x1 and f1 is the ultimute set up I love it!
  12. mykejb

    mykejb NI Product Owner

    I'm using an S4 for decks A/B and mix along with F1/X1/F1 for remix deck sample triggering and transport. Means I don't have to think about switching the S4 to control different decks which knowing me I'd get horribly wrong at some point. Plus all the coloured blinky pads look really cool :)

  13. luckee_d

    luckee_d Forum Member

    Do they all work well with the standard mapping or are you guys using custom for the X1/S4/F1 combo?