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    I recently bought S8 after a year of using controllers from pioneer and serato, I like S8, but there are a few points that prevent it from being used more flexibly

    1. The inability to record the rhythm, while when I rotate the encoder, the loop recorder mode appears, but I can not record. It turns out that we could use S8 as a drum machine,
    but we can’t.
    2. In step sequencer mode (shift + remix), the default grid size is 1 bar. This greatly narrows the possibilities, I like to beat small / frequent rhythms. It would be nice if you could make the grid change at least 1/2 and 1/4. If you make it possible to change the bit grid to a smaller one -
    This will cover the disadvantage of the lack of loop recorder.

    I often go to a local DJ school and I played on almost all modern controllers, on most models a pioneer, serato, denon, newmark, traktor

    The last time I tested the tractor was 4 mk3 and it was fun, I really liked the loop recorder function, I even thought to buy c4,
    but I decided to buy c8, I always wanted it and these few restrictions for remix decks upset.

    The meaning of a drum machine or recorder loop is that when a track is playing, we can quickly pick up a rhythm that is missing in the main track and quickly turn up the volume, as is implemented in Tractor S4 mk3, but in d2, c5, s8 it is more stiffly because of what this function does not work so practical and fun

    Regards, Paul