Sailing - Rod Stewart

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    I tried a little and have this suggestions (registered with VB-3 with much key click, organ type A, much leakage, flat tonewheel scaling, normal percussion; the registrations may be similar on B4 or other Hammond simulations, I have a B4 II, but only uses the VB-3 because I like the sound much more):

    first verses: 000800000 (just full 4' drawbar) with 2nd harmonic percussion (soft), slow leslie, much reverb and a delay effect. see:

    The B4, VB-3, and all other organ simulations I think, have no built-in delay effect. You may use one of your DAW.

    In the middle part a more full registration, i cannot hear clear enough. I played around and stuck with 643634010 (plus percussion) with slow and fast leslie.

    The solo in the end is like the classic "A Whiter Shade Of Pale", it may also work in the middle part:
    587400000 with soft 2nd harmonic percussion (soft), see:

    The registration may vary with the organ model you are simulating (B-3, M-Spinett) or with the leakage level.