SampleTraxx BRAAMS Vol. 2 Out Now""

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    BRAAMS Vol.2 is a new collection of organic, raw and emotive custom braams, low-end tones, processed double bass and field recording, bass morph, pitch motion and more.

    Braams Vol.2 delivers a vast spectrum of possibilities into a unique and personal sound design collection featuring 150 Wav sounds with key information and 10 Kontakt Instruments.
    Intro Price €39 - Reg. €49

    Big End
    Dark Hybrid Braams
    Double Bass Swell
    Braams Elements
    Low Dept
    Melodic Braams
    Noise Drop
    Pitch Motion
    Reversed Braams

    390 Mb of content
    150 Wav Sounds 48/24
    10 Kontakt Instruments - Full version 5.8 needed
    Kontakt Free Player not supported
    100% royalty-free - single-user license
    For multiuser license please contact us here
    Immediate fast download