Sampletrip FMERAL V2 Upgrade & -40% Discount

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    FMERAL is a virtual instrument that uses FM and AWM Synthesis waveforms sampled from YAMAHA FM Synthesizer.

    It can be considered as a hybrid virtual synth module as it utilises KONTAKT 5 engine to combine FM or PCM waves and process them with filters, envelopes, LFO's and digital effects.

    The sample content of FMERAL may seem small compared to the other SAMPLETRIP or other commercial products, but due to the high quality sampling and seamless looping combined with a decent amount of control parameters, it can produce rich and expressive sounds for a variety of music genres.

    Sounds that can be found in the presets included as part of this instrument are: synth pads, brasses, polysynths, drones, acid basses, mono/lead synths, atmospheric digital pads, strings, industrial hits and a few sound FX.

    KH FMERAL V2 BIG.png
    Version 2 Changelog:

    • New redesigned Black GUI
    • Addition of transpose buttons for each part
    • Improved detune function -0,5 to +0,5 st
    • New improved filter section with new filters to select of such as svlp2-lp4, svhp2, svbp2
    • Now added step mod section to modulate filter cutoff and resonance
    • 12 new ir reverbs added designed by ir app or plugin
    • Now categorised as 12 (V) and 12(M)
    • Reverb rearranged; hp frequency knob is replaced predelay knob
    • 64 new redesigned presets to make use the new features and capabilities of the new engine.